5 Essay-Writing Lies They Taught You In School

5 Essay-Writing Lies They Taught You In School

You all have been writing essays right from our school days. But as you gradually grew old, easy writing became difficult to comprehend. Nevertheless, you need to understand certain things when you write essays, and you need to keep a close vigil on all of them.

You might have observed that you followed certain rules, regulations, and conventions that are no more applicable while you write college essays. This denotes you did not get it right during your salad days. It’s time to break the ‘lies’…deconstruct them so that the truth comes out. So let us begin the discussion to form a better understanding of the essay writing lies.

The Essay-Writing Lies They Taught You In School

You all have written essays in your school. But you do it completely differently when it comes to writing essays. So let us study the lies that you learned in your school days pertaining to writing essays.

1. The More Words, The Better 

Your school essays would fill page after page. You went on extending the antenna of your imagination to write your essays. Remember the round of applause your teacher directed the class for your childish epics! This is based on the understanding that the teachers actually had no fault.

School days are the days of practising the art of writing in flow. Students feared to write. To promote writing habits, the school teachers directed you to write whatever you could. The length isn’t the matter.

But when you entered the threshold of college, you were restricted with word limits like 1500 words and 3500 words essays. This denotes how wrong was the practice of school essay writing!

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2. Follow One Way To Write An Essay

The English teacher gave us a certain structure. Breaking the structure was blasphemous (it might be a bit exaggerated). But yes, you religiously followed the structure and way of writing. This began to change completely in the days of college. Different essays have different structures.

For example, if you are writing some finance assignment, you might have seen that the university defines a particular structure and organization in different essays. This is the reason students falter while writing finance assignments.

If you face real problems in doing them, you need to take the help of some essay writing services to complete your finance homework. Look through how the structure of one essay varies completely from that of the other. You need to consciously keep this in mind. Hence proved that one way, the one structure for all essays is a blatant lie.

3. Formality Is The Key

You thoroughly learned in your high school days that formality is the key to an essay. The approach of the essay needs to follow a serious intent. They taught you that you need not evoke humour in your essay.

But gone are the day. Nowadays, teachers in colleges and universities allow you to add a bit of fun to your essays (not in a dissertation, though). In accordance with this, if you do not really evoke a bit of banter and fun, your teachers will find it extremely dull and lifeless. Afterall your teachers check the copies throughout their lives. How long cant they resist with regimental footsteps of your pen?

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Therefore add a bit of informality at a time to increase the readability of your essay. This is a new way, so despatch whatever is old and bring in the new. Therefore try to follow and master free writing like free speech.

4. Staying Detached 

Your salad day gurus taught you to have one eye on the subject and not give your own perspective. They have thoroughly kept you detached from the thought. Staying detached from the essay.

For example, if you are writing an essay on the Russia-Ukraine war and its impact on the global economy, old-school ways would tell you to touch upon the background history that triggered the war. This denotes you will have to use history to start the topic. Then, you can continue regarding the economic impact the war can possibly hit upon the entire world.

But present essays say completely different. Present college essays tell you to write about the economic impact the international event has on your personality.

Simply put forth, how you get affected by the Russia-Ukraine war. This one is a personal aspect, and the writer must focus on that aspect. This magnifying glass viewpoint offers a closer look at the essay topic. So it is better that you quickly unlearn the past.

5. Writing Long Paragraphs  

Essay writing must be a test of your narrative style, and you need to write long paragraphs for your school essays. Longer paragraphs engage readers with continuity. Breaking paragraphs unnecessarily breaks the flow of the writing.

But things have thoroughly changed in the year and changed drastically. Now you don’t need to write a long paragraph. Longer paragraphs bring in a certain element of monotony and boredom. Moreover, longer paragraphs are not friendly for creating arguments. Shorter ones best suit the development of an argument.

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This is the reason that the ending of one paragraph must possess a link to that of the previous ones. This one you really need to follow so that you understand things from a completely different perspective.

What Else? 

Bombastic words and expressions- we all knitted this fantasy in our minds. The ultimate objective was to increase our pedantry and word stocks. So they taught you to increase your stock of words.

This is the reason the language teachers used to discuss newspapers. They advised you to jot down the alien words so that you turned out to be more equipped. But later on, you saw that all the hard work is nonsense! Even the college and university teachers direct us to refrain from any kind of pedantry and hackneyed phrases.

Therefore, it can be said that essay writing really evolved from the olden times. Customs and practices have broken and are replaced with new, rather completely opposite ones. Therefore it can be said that new essay writing is all about new practices stampeding the older ones.

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