5 WhatsApp News Coming Soon

5 WhatsApp News Coming Soon

There will be a series soon Very useful news for WhatsApp, Which will change many aspects of the instant messaging application. They include Communities Advanced management of groups and other new features that support them.

With new communities Reactions For messages using emojis, Voice calls up to 32 usersRise Documents up to 2 GB And possibility Administrators delete messages Everyone in the groups.

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The goal is to bring WhatsApp a little closer to such tools Microsoft GroupsThis makes it possible to link groups within organizations, but on a smaller scale, to groups of people who know each other in educational institutions, sports, associations and small businesses.

WhatsApp communities

WhatsApp will serve communities Manage in very organized and complete groups of people With common attachments. For example, a school parent group, a building or a small company neighbor.

Communities may be Made up of one or more groupsSo the messages are better managed, and at the beginning Adding several thousand membersThe exact number is not specified yet.

There will be one Responsible managerIt may also remove content that is considered inappropriate, such as hoaxes or virus chains.

In addition, forwarding is limited and will prevent messages being sent to all community members except those made by the administrator. The Mobile numbers are unknown To other members, maintain privacy.

Only they can Invite us directly to the communities, Will not be a search engine, however can control who can add us to it. If you leave one of these groups, the remaining members will not see any notification in the chat.

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The most important of the WhatsApp messages will come last, there is currently no specific date for it. In fact, it would be supportive of the other four communities provided.

Reactions to messages

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Reactions allow us to specify what we think of a message without sending a new message. They will be few Emoji representing emotionsThey will press and send the message and they will not generate notification to other members.

Although these innovations are community-centric, they are available All whatsapp chatsSo we can send reactions in any conversation.

Files up to 2GB on WhatsApp

Communities expect more documents and multimedia to be shared on WhatsApp, and the company does not want more reliance on streaming services. Cloud storage Of third parties for this.

So, they can be Can send files and documents up to 2 GB On WhatsApp, this will make the job easier, but there is also a risk that inappropriate virus videos will start spreading and taking up space.

Calls up to 32 users

Now voice calls are on the rise Up to 32 people at a timeWhatsApp is suitable for small companies and businesses targeting communities.

Except, The The call interface will be redesigned To accommodate these increased participants. That’s it whatsapp video calls Do not change, this novelty will not affect them.

Administrators will delete messages

Possibility Delete messages for everyone Now extended to Team Administrators (even on other users’ phones). This is useful for removing false messages, which should not be hoaxes, virus chains or chat for any reason.

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We only know WhatsApp Implementing new features in the next few weeks Gradually, communities will eventually reach us.

Of course, the Innovations related to WhatsApp communities can be useful, They will make the application more versatile. General groups of co-workers at school or at work can now be organized with minimal guarantees of privacy and control.

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