Oil producers are resisting and Platency suffers! Real Sociedad returns to Vida and takes a big step towards redemption in the National League

Oil producers are resisting and Platency suffers!  Real Sociedad returns to Vida and takes a big step towards redemption in the National League


Real Sociedad and Vida concluded the 15th round of Clausura 2022 at the Francisco Martinez Doron Stadium in Toccoa. The oil producers arrived and needed to win, and they succeeded.

The match started with Tocoeños looking to frame Celio Valadares, although they fell off the scoreboard after a counterattack set by Patrick Ferreira.

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The Brazilian hit a low shot from the edge of the penalty area in the 20th minute, in which he beat Mariano Pineda 0-1. The striker’s shot hit the right post.

The team advantage lasted eight minutes from La Ceiba, a stunning free kick by Deyron Martínez equalizing everything on the scoreboard.

The cannon shot was impossible for Celio Valadares, who managed to touch the ball but did not dodge the goal. In the 41st minute, Real Sociedad made more use of the rebound left in the area and pushed Dester Monico as he wanted.

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Tokoinos Vida’s goals hit hard, which did not change in the second half and in the 55th minute an error in the Siebino team’s exit was exploited by Achim Roach to score the third goal.

Achim Roach scored the fourth goal, his double in the match thanks to a wonderful cross from Monica Duster. The Trinidadian striker pinned his chest and concluded the match.

With this victory, Real Sociedad added 33 points in the accumulated table and is now eight points ahead of Platense in the non-relegation table.

The next day, oil tankers welcome the Olimpia, while the Tiburon honors the Marathón in Puerto Cortés.

Real Sociedad technical paper in exchange for life

Final score: 4-1

Alliances and changes

11 of the Royal Society: Jose Mariano Pineda, Dion Martinez (89′ Inouar Salgado), Christopher Urmenita (83′ Edir Delgado), Jamal Charles (32′ Osman Malgaris-45′ Ricky Zapata), Achim Garnett, Clifox Bernardez, Kelvin Matute, Sonny Fernandez, Yer Gutierre. Duster Monico (89 Delson Figueroa) and Ronnie Martinez.

Alternatives: Ricky Zapata, Ronnie Bernardez, Enor Salgado, Maynor Antunes, Welsey Wood, Edir Delgado, Samuel Buzantis, Nelson Johnston, Eliquim Navarro, Daniel Rocha, Usman Milgaris and Delson Figueroa.

yellow cards: Duster Monica (68 minutes) and Ricky Zapata (91 minutes)

red cards: Ricky Zapata (91′ double yellow)

11 life: Celio Valadares, Juan Pablo Montes, Henry Sanchez (60′ Edwin Mongoya), Luis Melendez, Danilo Palacios, Juan Contreras, Ellison Rivas, Marvin Bernardez, Victor Blasco (68′ Carlos Argueta), Johan Centeno and Patrick Ferreira.

Alternatives: Nelson Muñoz, Edwin Mongoya, Carlos Argueta, Ottonel Osorio, Sebastian Espinosa, Limberth Perez, Eduardo Rivera and Haroy Herrera.

yellow cards: It was not

red cards: It was not

Playground: Francisco Doron, Toccoa

to rule: Melvin Matamoros

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