7-minute exercises to burn fat in your body | Health | magazine

7-minute exercises to burn fat in your body |  Health |  magazine

A combination of high-intensity anaerobic exercise in shorter sets works in addition to a one-hour routine.

Yes, fat can be burned in less than 7 minutes. It all depends on constant training that is adjusted to the goals of each person, accompanied by adequate nutrition, hydration and rest.

These short workout routines are ideal for people who don’t exercise and want to lose weight or be more active, but don’t have time to spend a full training session in the gym. The only thing required is to have space in the house to be able to carry out the routine comfortably.

How effective are 7-minute exercises to burn fat?

Very effective, although if an almost immediate result is desired, this is probably not the exact routine. However, with perseverance and adequate nutrition, results will begin to appear within a couple of months.

What makes this exercise so effective is that it is based on anaerobic exercises, which are recommended for weight loss. A combination of high-intensity anaerobic exercise in shorter sets works in addition to a one-hour routine.

The Better with Health portal explains that this training routine eliminates break times, so you need to be prepared to put in a full effort during the seven minutes that the routine lasts. Then the exercises that this page suggests to burn fat in seven minutes.

To perform this type of burpee, position yourself as if you were going to be sitting with your knees bent outward and your hands touching the floor. Try to take care of the posture of the back. Burpee jump


Burpees are one of the most complex exercises that require more effort. It’s all about push-ups when going down, standing up and jumping. It is possible that at the beginning of the exercise the exercise cannot be completed, but once you learn the technique, it is important to do it.

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It is recommended to perform it in 3 or 4 sets with 10 repetitions alternating with other exercises.

Kick and squat In this exercise, you have to stand up straight, then bend slightly while kicking the other and immediately perform a half-squat. The kick should be smooth to keep your balance. The important thing in this practice is to bend the knees

high knees

Knee highs, or knee raises, are an almost essential exercise for losing weight. It consists in raising the knees, keeping the back straight and accompanying the movement of the arms while looking straight ahead.

The ideal would be to do 100 repetitions in 3 or 4 sets.

These routines allow the body to burn up to 15% more calories compared to other types of training.

squat pulse

It’s a squat where you hold the tension for several seconds, focusing on keeping your back straight and lowering it low enough so that your glutes and calf muscles feel the pressure.

It is recommended to perform 50 repetitions spread over 3 or 4 series.

Remember that this routine does not consider the rest time between each series, and the ideal is to put in as much effort as possible during the seven minutes. You also need to spend ten minutes before warming up, which will prepare the body for intense physical activity and prevent injury.. (I)

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