The unfairly canceled sci-fi series may return to Netflix in 2019

The unfairly canceled sci-fi series may return to Netflix in 2019

Great news! A great sci-fi series on Netflix may have a second season after its completely unfair cancellation.

Fans the society Don't lose hope just yet… there might be an epic return for Netflix's canceled dystopian sci-fi series! Although it was renewed for a second season, production has been halted due to the dire situation the world in general and audiovisual projects in particular are experiencing in 2020. Fortunately for the creator, Christopher Keyser He doesn't give up and looks for ways to revive the program.

In a recent interview with diverseKiser revealed that he is in constant contact with the writers and executive producer. Mark Webb To explore the options available for the association's return. Although there are no guarantees, Keiser expressed optimism, saying: “We don't have a definitive answer and I wouldn't dare take it for granted, but I don't lose hope like I do with other cancelled series.”

The Netflix sci-fi series has been critically acclaimed and has amassed a passionate fanbase. Its cancellation left many viewers wanting more, especially since the story was not complete.

The difficulties did not end there.

the society

Kiser and his team were about to release a graphic novel to continue the story of the second season when the publisher closed its doors. This setback strengthened Kiser's determination to find a way to continue the Society's story.

While Netflix has not shown interest in reviving this sci-fi series, there is a possibility that the story could be picked up in another format, such as a graphic novel or miniseries. Keyser noted that the plot for Season 2 is already in place, it just needs to find a home for it. So another streaming platform could be its new home.

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what is he talking about?

the society

The Society is a science fiction series from Netflix that will captivate you from the very first episode. The story, created by Christopher Keyser, introduces us to a group of teenagers who, after returning from a school trip, find themselves in a terrifying situation: all the adults and children in their town have mysteriously disappeared.

Without knowing what happened, the young people are forced to band together in order to survive in a world without adults. The initial chaos gives way to the need to create a new social order, where each person must assume a role to keep society together.

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