99% of CEOs plan to reduce their investment in office space

99% of CEOs plan to reduce their investment in office space

Until the end of 2019, work was in place. Real estate represents a significant portion of corporate assets. currently, As we emerge from the pandemic, CEOs are rethinking the way they operate in their organizations. While switching to remote work due to the crisis has been challenging, it also revealed an unimaginable opportunity to unleash real estate investments and unleash funds to drive transformation, create resilience, and drive growth.

A recent study by Accenture shows the change in managers’ perspective regarding real estate investments after the pandemic, and the results are clear: Only 1% of CEOs globally said they do not reduce their investment in office space. Of the remaining 99%, 62% said they invest in technology. Almost half (47%) said they would use the released resources to hire new talent or improve the skills of existing employees.

The home office has an acceptance rate of 64% among those who have done so in the pandemic

In case Argentina, 63% of companies plan to continue working remotely in the coming years, while 85% believe it is necessary to prepare people in their organization to work with new technologies.

In addition to where they work, companies are rethinking how to do it. They are rethinking how they manage properties to offer people unique experiences. They also study how to physically reconfigure workspaces in light of the new reality, and consider how each of these movements affects other important aspects such as collaboration.

Covid and the home office: “Confusion between work and family life causes mental disorders”

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This is inevitable growth. The pandemic has opened up opportunities like never before, breaking rules and paving the way for real, lasting change. In this sense, 46% of companies globally identify accelerating digital transformation in all parts of their business as one of their main strategic goals for the next three yearsWhile in the case of Argentine organizations, 83% confirm that they have accelerated their digital transformation as a result of the pandemic and 73% confirm that their technology infrastructure is the key to business success.

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