A Brief History of Slingo

A Brief History of Slingo

The game of Slingo, a mixture between bingo and slots, has rocketed in popularity.

Its appeal to gamers is one of the factors behind a continual boom in interest in the casino industry, which is one that continues to break records for revenue raised, according to the Washington Post. It seems people can’t get enough of the game, which was created by a New Jersey businessman, and that is thanks to being easy to play and understand. It’s a game that has been adopted by so many gaming platforms too, which means there’s a good chance even if you’ve not played Slingo, you’ll have seen it somewhere.

Sal Falciglia Snr created the game by combining his grandfather’s two favorite games. Falciglia built the original version of Slingo upon a 1950s slot machine that he redesigned to spin the reels with numbers corresponding to those on a 75-ball bingo game. The player had twenty spins to match the numbers from their 25 number bingo-style card with the aim of completing their card. However, crucially there were three additional icons. A joker, which was a wild card, a devil that cut your score in half, and a cherub which quelled the devil’s punishment!

Falciglia took it to a computer programmer to make the first digital representation of the game, and he pitched it to AOL, who within two days signed a contract to place it on their platform, and it was a huge hit that has gone from strength to strength.

Since that first iteration, there have been so many different types of Slingo games made. There have been versions made that have been playable on social networks; mobile players can also get their hands on a game. However, in its latest guise, in casino gaming, Slingo is proving to be as popular as ever due to the technology allowing developers to push it to the next level. One of the main ways they’ve done this is by introducing many recognizable gaming themes for players to get involved with. This can be seen through the Slingo games on Gala Bingo, which include The Chase Slingo and Slingo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. These games that play on recognizable themes keep players coming back for more. Thanks to larger screens, better graphics, and things such as familiar theme tunes, it all makes for an all-encompassing, immersive experience. But while Slingo is a game that’s evolved with the times, the modern designers of the game continually recognize its roots, as there are still classic versions available for those who like the original experience upon which all its predecessors have been built.


In today’s digitally connected world, Slingo games are one of the most popular titles for players to enjoy, and it’s shown how versatile a game it is by being able to be adaptable to current themes whilst fundamentally using the same rules of play. So, now Slingo has become a staple of casino gaming, it begs the question, what’s next? We’ve already seen other casino staples such as poker make the switch to VR, is this where the future for Slingo also lies?

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