A dangerous “malware” alert that impersonates Google Chrome to collect banking details

A dangerous “malware” alert that impersonates Google Chrome to collect banking details


May 13, 2021 01:08 GMT

The cyber attack campaign begins by sending the victim a text message requesting payment of customs duties.

Radio Cybersecurity Company Confirms After discovering a new “malware” disguised as a bank data collection app for the popular Google Chrome browser that would have already affected more than one hundred thousand Android users.

According to the researchers, the fake app is part of a cyberattack campaign that uses “phishing” technology, which involves tricking users into revealing personal information, such as credit card details.

How it works?

Users receive a text message asking them to do so Pay customs duties To release the parcel delivery. This leads to a link asking for an update to the Chrome “app,” which is, in fact, malware.

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Victims are then directed to pay a small sum (usually $ 1 or $ 2). Once done, cyber criminals will Grab the user’s bank details.

When the fake app manages to install itself, it starts sending more than one 2000 letters per week Into random phone numbers, helping the attack spread by bypassing spam filters.

How do you avoid it?

Security experts recommend not providing your credit card details when an unknown sender requests it. In addition, they advise downloading apps and making updates strictly from official stores like Google Play for Android users.

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