A few days after the collision with Pitbull Cruz, Gervonda Davis spoke again about Canelo Alvarez.

A few days after the collision with Pitbull Cruz, Gervonda Davis spoke again about Canelo Alvarez.

Next Sunday, Kervonda Davis Returns to the ring to protect him Lightweight world title Before Mexican Isaac Cruz At Staples Center in Los Angeles. On the other hand, in the last hours, the militant Floyd Mayweather I speak Canelo Alvarez, He surrendered and said he really liked the presentation he had before Caleb plant.

Potential competitors for Canelo alvarez in + 2022

Reality refers to it The fighter of Guadalajara He is one of the best today and opponents are starting to shut their mouths because fight after fight breaks more records. Also, I already know this Money, Who told him that his boxer was going to be the owner of a boxing-like business, said the Mexican attracts all kinds of deals because it is profitable to invest with him.

On the other hand, the surrendered and belonging to the stable Floyd Mayweather Kervonda Davis facing next Sunday Isaac Cruz. “His last performance was very good, I like Canelo as a boxer. He was a tough guy, I feel like he learned a lot from what he lost to Floyd Mayweather. He made him a great fighter, and he’s definitely unique, he has great power and he’s number one. I think it should be., Revealed Tank For different media.

He added: “He already has that experience and it opens the way for new fighters. It should be recognized. I have no doubt he will perform better with 190 pounds. He also said that it came in the best way against.

Pitbull, on the other hand, is facing the toughest fight of his life and received a message from Canelo Alvarez prior to his fight. “No matter what Isaac. Courage, you have to work hard and give a lot of desire that it will get bigger. Do not get tired, you have to train hard and give more excitement. A hug,” the man from Guadalajara told his teammate.

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