A horrific crime: an entire family is mutilated and burned inside their home

A horrific crime: an entire family is mutilated and burned inside their home

Chihuahua, Mexico.

The brutal multiple murders of a family shocked the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Businessman Saúl Domínguez, his romantic partner and the woman’s daughter (9 years old) were murdered, mutilated and burned by criminals in the last hours in that area.

A member of the businessman’s family discovered this upon entering the dwelling, believing that it was only the man’s remains, but it was later confirmed that it belonged to the woman and the minor.

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The two victims, in addition to Ciel Dominguez (66), are Patricia Marquez (37) and Melanie “N” (9 years only).

It happened next to Bar San Carlos, which is owned by Domínguez, as well as neighboring businesses that belong to the entrepreneur. The area has been cordoned off by the police, in a crime that has sparked panic in northern Mexico.

San Carlo Bar & Restaurant has been described on social media, as part of the promotion, as “a business dedicated to serving wine, spirits, liquors and snacks with a dance floor”. Outside the fence you can see trash and bottles, which were apparently left on the night of the crime.

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Criminals tried to hide the remains, in the first place, but that was not possible. They burned the bodies of the victims after dismembering them. Cremation was alleged to be the criminals’ way of trying to remove evidence, but the failed attempt prompted them to flee. The remains were found in black plastic bags.

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To date, a red pickup owned by the businessman has been confiscated. The authorities do not rule out that this is evidence of the motive behind the crime.

The family consists of three members. The businessman became the stepfather of the minor, and the two usually took part in small leisure trips around the state. The motive for the crime is unknown.

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