The Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms

The Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms

For quite some time, cryptocurrency’s rapid growth has been the talk of the town, with investors vying for a piece of the digital currency’s lucrative rewards. However, there has been significant doubt about the legitimacy of certain crypto trading platforms, particularly given how easily these systems may be hacked. Cryptocurrencies are the latest financial sensation, with Bitcoin (BTC) dominating headlines and Dogecoin nailing the punchlines. However, how do you go about trading your preferred cryptocurrency? For more accurate and precise information on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, visit bitcoin bilionaire. The best bitcoin trading platforms that are eyecatching and require low investment are listed below:


Binance, founded in 2017 in China, is one of the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency trading platforms. Binance lets you buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies for a fee of 0.1 per cent on each transaction. However, debit card purchases incur a hefty 4.5 per cent surcharge. Binance’s security features include an asset fund that serves as insurance if user assets are stolen, as well as a two-factor authentication system (2FA). However, reports have noted authentication system errors. Nonetheless, with over 50 coins available on Binance, you have many alternatives for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various other currencies. Bitcoin has been in existence due to the revolutionary blockchain technology. Explore blockchain and other tech innovations at and satisfy the tech geek inside you.


It’s unsurprising that Coinbase, one of the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, leads this list. Coinbase will go public in the coming weeks via a direct listing, and with a $100 billion value, the excitement surrounding the company’s debut is growing. 

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Coinbase is gathered huge attention in 2020 and 2021. Coinbase is a good spot for new traders to get started due to its user-friendly interface, quick onboarding procedure, and complimentary $5 simply for signing up. Advanced users would like Coinbase Pro, which includes more robust tools for starting cryptocurrency trading. 


Kraken was founded in 2011 and revived in 2013. The exchange presently supports over 50 cryptocurrencies, giving you a plethora of trading possibilities. Kraken accounts are available in three tiers: basic, intermediate, and pro. Trades incur an average cost of between 0.9 per cent and 1.5 per cent, depending on the size of the deal. 


You may not immediately think of Robinhood when considering bitcoin trading, and with cause. 

While it is a tiny pool from which to work, it provides plenty of options for individuals just getting started with cryptocurrency. Robinhood’s mobile-first philosophy has resulted in a highly easy-to-use app, and the absence of trading fees means that entry hurdles are relatively low. In terms of security, “Robinhood stores your cryptos in cold wallets, which means that the vast majority of customers’ assets are safely stored offline,” according to Edmund McCormack. “However, in the case of a hack, they are covered by Lloyd’s for any cybersecurity breaches.”


eToro was founded as a social trading platform in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2007. It presently has its headquarters in London and has a global user base of 17 million users scattered across 100 countries. It began in the United States in 2018 with a cryptocurrency-only platform. While this is a small amount, they are the largest crypto coins that most people are interested in trading, so it makes sense. eToro gives a $50 bonus on crypto transactions worth $1,000. However, eToro charges a high trade cost of 0.75 per cent to 2.90 per cent, depending on the size of the trade.

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Although Gemini’s initial focus was on Bitcoin and Ethereum, the exchange now supports 26 additional cryptocurrencies, including Gemini dollars, a US dollar-backed stable coin. Gemini is renowned for its security, with the majority of the exchange’s coinage maintained in cold storage and the site never being hacked., founded in 2016 and headquartered in Hong Kong, is a major cryptocurrency platform that enables users to trade, buy, sell, and spend cryptocurrencies. The exchange service is most well-known for its incredibly cheap fees, ranging from 0.04 per cent to 0.20 per cent. enables you to create a non-custodial DeFi wallet with its app. It allows you to link that account to your primary one for the convenience of fund transfers. Additionally, the exchange business offers a Crypto Earn programme, allowing customers to stake their coins for a renewable period of one or three months and earn up to 12% interest.

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