A magnitude 6.2 earthquake in Indonesia kills at least 46

A magnitude 6.2 earthquake in Indonesia kills at least 46

Indonesia – Rescuers were hampered by damage to roads and bridges, power cuts and a shortage of equipment on Saturday after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit the island. Indonesia From Sulawesi, leaving at least 46 dead and hundreds injured.

Cedar Rahmanjaya, head of the local search and rescue agency, said operations were concentrated on about eight locations in Mamuju, which was the worst affected and where people are believed to be still trapped after Friday’s earthquake.

Cargo planes carrying food, tents, blankets and other supplies landed from Jakarta on Friday night to distribute the supplies in temporary shelters. However, thousands of people spent the night outdoors, fearing aftershocks and the potential for a tsunami.

Raditiya Jati, a spokeswoman for the National Disaster Mitigation Agency, said rescuers had recovered the bodies of 37 victims in Mamuju and nine others in Magen district.

Gatti said that at least 415 homes were damaged in Mageny and about 15,000 people have been moved to shelters.

West Sulawesi Police spokesperson Syamsi Radwan said bodies recovered by rescuers were sent to a police hospital to identify their families.

He added that more than 200 people are receiving treatment in Bhaiyangkara Police Hospital and a number of others in Mamuju. Another 630 people were injured in Mageny.

The earthquake caused landslides in three locations and blocked a major road linking Mamuju to Majin. Power and telephone lines were disrupted in several areas.

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