Drama in Honduras !. Moment of a caravan of immigrants breaking through police fences and entering Guatemala | News from El Salvador

Drama in Honduras !.  Moment of a caravan of immigrants breaking through police fences and entering Guatemala |  News from El Salvador

Extreme moments passed when one of the Honduran police officers in charge of the first checkpoint was stoned in the head and a woman fainted; Meanwhile, on the Guatemalan side, a wall of armed agents and military tanks had been waiting since early morning.

A caravan of thousands of Hondurans who left their country north this Friday with the intent to reach the United States violently broke two police lines at night at an El Florida customs point and entered the Guatemala border.

Efe was able to verify the presence of injuries between police officers and immigrants in the incident.

One of the Honduran police officers in charge of the first checkpoint was stoned in the head, and in Guatemala, about 2,000 immigrants fainted when confronted by law enforcement officers from a neighboring country.

Immigrants, Who reached the El Florida point in the last hours of the day, after refusing to go through the Aqua Collint in the Okotebec field. They were more than police from two Honduran checkpoints and marched into Guatemala singing the national anthem.

As they move towards the American dream, more and more immigrants are joining. More than 4,000 people crossed the Guatemalan border on Friday night. Photo EFE

The moment a group of immigrants forced their way past one of the police checkpoints on Friday night. Photo EFE

On the Guatemalan side, Hondurans reached the first unarmed police environment and told the immigrants to organize themselves.

In addition, they reiterated that they need to register and show evidence that they are not infected with Govt-19 to continue on their path.

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A police official said the decision was made not to deal with immigrants who found several families with minors in the group. Using tear gas with children in the dark is dangerous, he said.

In the second Guatemalan security environment, Efe was able to verify that its components were armed, and that there were tanks in support of the security forces based on the Guatemalan customs point.

A woman fainted as immigrants on the Guatemala side came face to face with law enforcement. Photo EFE

Photo EFE

When immigrants were expected, Men, women and children They will reach an agreement to continue the caravan Saturday morning, A large group, singing the national anthem, confronted the first police surroundings, and the second time in the race they did the same and crossed Guatemala soil.

During an incident that lasted a few minutes, Stones and sticks were thrown, injuring many, including police and immigrants. In Honduran soil.

Honduran officials did not report the incident at 8:00 pm local time (02:00 GMT), just hours after the arrival of immigrants in El Florida, after they decided to change their route plan, which was to depart via Aqua Caliente on the Guatemalan border in principle.

El Florida is located in the Copenhagen region, eleven kilometers from the Mayan archeological site of Copenhagen, one of the major tourist attractions in Honduras.

The possibility of leaving even early Saturday morning was discussed by the immigrants because it was night and many of their comrades in the caravan were behind, Honduran Jose Bartels had told Efe just hours earlier.

Police were waiting for the arrival of the massive caravan. Photo EFE

At 9:00 pm local time (03:00 GMT), about 300 Honduran immigrants were parked on the highway, inside their country, in front of the El Florida customs point, probably waiting to leave on a regular basis on Saturday.

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Efe wanted to know the opinion of many of them, but they did not want to talk.

The Guatemalan Migration Agency reported this Friday that about 2,000 Honduran immigrants are waiting to enter the country to reach the United States, while local security forces are trying to block their way.

The agency pointed out that the caravan passed Honduran police checkpoints at the El Florida border point, located in the Department of Sigvimula, 200 kilometers west of the Guatemalan capital.

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