A man took his daughter to the elephant area at the zoo, where they had to escape an attack

A man took his daughter to the elephant area at the zoo, where they had to escape an attack
A father took his daughter to the elephant area of ​​the zoo

A father has been arrested on suspicion of endangering his two-year-old daughter after taking her to the elephant area to take a picture with the animals at the San Diego Zoo.

Man “deliberately and illegally” encroached on the habitats of Asian and African elephants, despite various obstacles. On Friday afternoon, zoo spokesman Andrew James said.

Video of the incident is provided NBC San Diego Show when The man abandons the woman as they try to escape from the coral After one of the elephants saw them. Fortunately, Pachyderm did not finish the attack and it was slow as they approached.

The man was able to pick up the girl and evacuate her safely.

Police said The 25-year-old man wanted to take a picture with an African elephant. James said the elephants were harmless.

San Diego County prison records indicate that Jose Manuel has been remanded in custody and released on $ 100,000 bail For trial Put it at a little risk. His trial is scheduled for March 30.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Lori Ordale, a witness, described KSWP-TV What One woman said, “Jose, stop!” Before a man jumps over the fence and enters the elephant habitat.

“Immediately, many people started saying: ‘The elephant is going to attack,’ and it did,” Ordale said.

“We told him to leave, he went back and saw it at the right time, thankfully,” said Jake Ordale, a witness to the incident. “He ran and threw his baby over the fence (elephant) and was a few seconds away from hitting him. He jumped over the fence, fell to the ground, and then hit the elephant”.

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“The baby started to cry and we were all upset with this guy,” he said.

Police said the girl went home with her mother after Navrat was arrested.

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