“What I want is for you to see the movie.”

“What I want is for you to see the movie.”

3 | 20/03/2021 – 9:07 PM (GMT-4)

Unlike the director Lilo Villaplana, He is a Cuban-American Hispanic businessman and producer PlantedAnd the Leopoldo Fernandez BoujalsHe stressed that he is not concerned about the leak on YouTube and the various websites of his film about political prison in Cuba.

“The movie is being pirated all over the world. I don’t care. What I want is for you to see the movie. I didn’t make the movie to enrich myself,” he said in an interview. Copanite Fernandez Boujals, founder of the Spanish multinational company Telepizza.

“the story of the movie Planted The businessman said that the project started in 1996, “explaining also that the project” was slow because we were unable to find a suitable screenwriter. “

Fernandez Boujals was born in 1947 in Havana, as the nephew Jose Bugals MedeirosOne of the “transplanted” prisoners whose stories she tells in the film he directed Villaplana; Hence their commitment to those certificates.

Before accepting the final project, it was designed by Villaplana and also the Cuban writer Angel SantestebanFernandez Pujals rejected texts that “were either lies or you don’t want to shake the cat.”

“They didn’t want to say that Castro was bad,” he noted, citing an example: “One of the titles they suggested to us once was.”Meek guys“”.

Feature Film Producer, Chest This month in Miami and Havana, he wasn’t worried about a continuing leak PlantedInstead, he saw it as evidence of his influence.

According to Fernandez Pujals, Planted It was one of his “unresolved topics,” as his book recounts Aim for the stars and you will reach the moon: turn your dreams into successes, Published in 2014 and wrote, commented, so that his descendants know his “Cuban, Spanish roots.”

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For his part, director Lilo Villaplana expressed his regret this week that his film was illegally shown on YouTube. “It was a terrible commercial damage,” he said.

We don’t know what happened and how it leaked. We still don’t know what happened. It was terrible. A report has been made to it Links And others enter. I don’t know why YouTube didn’t actually take any action, because the complaint was filed. It is an illegal act. It’s like going to a shoe store, grabbing a pair of shoes and running, ”Villaplana said in the magazine Morning CiberCuba.

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