A new law in the US will prevent immigrants from becoming US citizens

A new law in the US will prevent immigrants from becoming US citizens

Members of the US Congress want to introduce a bill that includes immigration reforms by the end of the year. This will focus on greater control at the border.

The idea is also to significantly reduce deportation amnesty protections that thousands of immigrants have.

In this sense, Republicans in Congress will reject any plan that seeks to grant citizenship to undocumented immigrants (including “Dreamers”).

These approaches will feed into budget negotiations. They also add to civil concerns about plans to overhaul asylum rules.

For example, Congress has a committee that prepares a bill for budget approval. Here comes more than $100 billion President Joe Biden requested to help Ukraine and Israel and send funds to border security.

However, Senator Chris Murphy made it clear to the press that protecting Dreamers is a priority for Democrats.

Meanwhile, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) rejects any proposal that would affect asylum protections.

For her part, Nanette Barragán, president of the CHC, warned that the Republicans’ radical proposals would change the US immigration system forever. Barragán also noted that these proposals would create serious risks for asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants.

What will happen to the asylum system?

It’s no secret that Republicans want to establish new asylum rules. In this regard, some civil organizations have expressed their concerns about the republican amendments.

Among them is that the immigration plan will prevent asylum claims by creating barriers that make it “almost impossible” to claim asylum. But not only this, they also undermine other forms of protection, such as parole or parole for certain immigrants.

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It looks like Republicans in Congress will “follow orders” from former President Donald Trump. Executive Director of the Immigration Center, Kerry Talbot, said:

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