Tom Thibodeau gives his spot to Mitchell Robinson

Tom Thibodeau gives his spot to Mitchell Robinson

Although the Knicks are a team that focuses heavily on intensity and defense, this does not prevent them from directing the spotlight to those pieces that shine with the baskets. The same thing happens as in the rest of the teams. In this case, it’s Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle – and not without merit – who tend to get the praise. However, the official from the bench, Tom Thibodeau, cannot leave without giving his place to Mitchell Robinson who sees his efforts as the key to achieving good results for the team.

“Some of the plays he makes are unbelievable. They are plays where he always puts in a lot of effort. He often makes two, three or four attempts on the same play. She has bodies everywhere. “People catch him, catch him, and he’s still able to reach out and get the ball.”

The truth is, Robinson is dominating under hoops like never before in his career. With just 29.7 minutes on the hardwood, the quarterback is averaging 11.2 rebounds per night, the best mark he has ever achieved during his six years in the NBA. Additionally, he contributes 1.4 steals and 1.4 blocks, which is what defines him as the bulwark of New York’s defense.

With Robinson at full capacity, the Big Apple is currently the team giving up the fewest points in the league at an average of 105.1 per night. Behind are the Houston Rockets with 105.5 and the Boston Celtics with 106.7. Once again, Thibodeau made a rock on the hardwood.

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