A new setback for the Maduro regime: They rejected his request to suspend the investigations of the International Criminal Court in Venezuela

A new setback for the Maduro regime: They rejected his request to suspend the investigations of the International Criminal Court in Venezuela
A new setback for the Maduro regime: They refused their request to suspend the investigations of the International Criminal Court in Venezuela (Reuters)

the The Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court (ICC) ID Do not allow appeal provided by the system Nicolas Madurofor which he sought comment research prosecutor Karim Khan in the country.

The judges analyzed the brief presented by the Chavisa dictatorship but agreed to reject the three arguments, so that the activities of the court would continue and not be interrupted.

After the International Criminal Court authorized the official to resume his activities on June 27, after repeated references and complaints before crimes against humanityThe Maduro regime targeted the resolution in an attempt to prevent its progress.

Prosecutor Karim Khan will be able to continue his investigations into crimes against humanity in Venezuela (Associated Press)

In this sense, he indicated first of all that the resumption of the khan’s functions in the country would be his Irreversible consequences On the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Executive Authority and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

However, the Chamber made it clear that the agreement would not be reached as it was on the verge Two different colleges Organization: investigation, cooperation and technical assistance.

On the other hand, he emphasized that the system He fails to give exact answers about what the irreversible consequences are Which guarantees that the proceedings would have given, even, that the ICC maintains its commitment regarding cooperation with the Venezuelan authorities.

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Secondly, the regime indicated that the investigation would resume on June 27 – because it was immediate – That would defeat the purpose of the appeal Since then, a time window to August 14 has been contemplated. Also, in the said case, you might argue that the facts in the eyes of the ICC are not within its competence.

The regime appealed the decision of the International Criminal Court and asserted that its tasks would have dire consequences for its population, but it was unable to provide convincing answers regarding it.

The judges responded to these arguments by pointing out that the Chavista officials failed, once again, to explain how a resumption of duties would defeat the purpose of an appeal, in the event that the Appeals Chamber decided that the court had no jurisdiction. Likewise, they were not aware of the irreversible consequences they denounced.

Finally, Maduro mentioned that Khan’s inquiries could lead to this Interviews with witnesses and alleged victims would be born “Unnecessary shock and smearing of the integrity of evidence.”

In this regard, the judges noted that Chavismo can only guess about the implications The tasks of the organization but could not determine the dire consequences they gave in the letter.

The Appeals Chamber found it contradictory, in turn, for the Venezuelan regime to be concerned for its own population and attempt to protect their safety from “unnecessary” trauma While, for decades, it has denied them access to basic rights and They intervened in their search for truth, justice, reparation, and non-repetition.

The Appeals Chamber held that Chavismo was only guessing at the implications of the EFE’s missions.

The ICC judges’ decision was reached within three weeks of filing the appeal, highlighting the agency’s commitment to minimizing delays in these matters, because in cases such as the Philippines, this process took up to two months.

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Having ruled out suspending missions, Khan will now continue his search for evidence of crimes against humanity being committed in the country, having concluded that “Internal criminal procedures” in Caracas “do not adequately reflect the scope” of these events And after recording “periods of unexplained inactivity”.

These investigations generally appear to focus on “direct and/or lower-level perpetrators” and do not “adequately address the forms of crime that the Public Prosecutor’s Office intends to investigate”.

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