There’s also money in Andrea Rangel changing over to Santurce

There’s also money in Andrea Rangel changing over to Santurce

The announced change that would lead to Andrea Rangel To Cangrejeras de Santurce also includes an economic consideration that Changas de Naranjito will receive this sale for the opposite value.

The economic fissure was confirmed by the Cangrejeras’ manager, Marcos Martinez, and the director of the senior volleyball tournament, José “Biki” Cervera.

In fact, Servera is considering the change based on the competitive level and economic considerations, which, according to what he confirmed, does not know the exact amount.

“It’s one of the things to analyze because I don’t know how much consideration,” Cervera said.

According to sources in this newspaper, the amount is large for a super volleyball standard. There is talk that it could be tens of thousands of dollars.

Martinez confirmed the economic consideration, but did not specify it because it was an agreement between the two parties. He said it was an amount of money approved by Las Changas representative Eliseo Roman.

Genesis Colazo instead passes to Naranjito. (Miguel J. Rodriguez Carrillo)

In addition to Rangel, Cangreras received centre-back Nicole Cruz.

For their part, host Génesis Collazo and preparer Cathia Sánchez were greeted by the Changas family.

The changes take effect between the two teams for the 2024 season, which begins at the beginning of the year.

Martinez said the search for Rangel is a symptom of how much Santurce wants to lift a trophy that has eluded him in two of the last three finals.

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“If not, we will do these moves. We start with Naranjito. Let’s see which one is more useful.”

The women’s national volleyball team hopes to incorporate center back Diana Reyes and add Dariana Hollingsworth to the squad in place of Genesis Collazo, the national leader reports.

The team is preparing to play the Pan American Senior Cup in August at the Juan ‘Pachín’ Vicens Auditorium in Ponce.

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