A pair of beauties, Celia Laura and La Michaelson are attractively dressed

A pair of beauties, Celia Laura and La Michaelson are attractively dressed

January is about to end Celia Laura She knows that she needs to put all the meat on the grill in order to gain all the followers she planned on in the first month of 2021, as she suggested that she would release the most engaging exclusive content she had never seen before.

And not only that, but Celia was too Join forces With some other beautiful models, many of them are her personal friends, with whom she has a relationship that goes beyond photography, as they coexist in an excellent way and are able to move her on camera.

On this occasion we will take up the last photo on the official Instagram of Celia Laura, in which the beautiful daughter of Alex Laura, the singer of the legendary Mexican rock band El Tree, joined Michelson To give us one of her most beautiful profile pictures to date, the two pose together with cute outfits that definitely ended up removing her in exclusive content.

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It’s possible that this photo is just a small taste of what we can observe in that coveted location, as we can access for a small monthly fee.

Namely, Celia Laura has one of the pages entertainment Exclusively requested by netizens, she always ends up pleasing and pampering them to the fullest, because she knows that thanks to her fans, she is where she has always been.

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That’s right, Celia Laura has the attention, but above all she has financial freedom and therefore is able to help you Your page To earn some income and also be able to join some company to advertise it.

There is no doubt that Celia Laura has become one of the most active and beloved influencers of Internet users, as she does not stop uploading photos for a day by producing beautiful pictures to invite us to subscribe.

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Previously, we could see her with Vanda, another of her lovely girlfriends, who by the way is a very important professional tattoo artist and who also gave birth to some of the sexiest pictures with her.

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But there is no doubt that our day exceeds everyone’s expectations, because they did not expect this union to be so good and with high-quality images that affected social networks.

But that’s not all, Celia Laura also joined a very important and controversial YouTuber in Mexico, Lisbeth Rodriguez, with whom she has established an excellent friendship since her participation in Reality Show Barak The Experience, where they were able to meet and have a great experience. time time Together so their fans joined them with the word CELIBETH.

In fact, a few minutes ago, a new video was uploaded to Lizbeth Rodríguez talking to her, where we can once again appreciate the wonderful chemistry that exists between them as well as the interesting and powerful characters that they manage to preserve. Your audience is aware of everything they are doing.

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In fact, Lizbeth Rodríguez has taken advantage of her relationship with Celia to give her Instagram content a flirtatious tone, as she is now uploading some videos and photos for the most enthusiastic, which makes us believe that she had a very strong influence by joining Celia.

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