A portion of SpaceX’s rocket lands on a Washington state farm

A portion of SpaceX’s rocket lands on a Washington state farm


3 abr 2021 06:10 GMT

An American farmer discovered part of the Falcon 9 in the field.

Glossy items on March 25th They spat The night sky to the surprise of the Americans. The National Weather Service in Seattle has clarified that these are remnants of the second phase of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, which left comet-like tracks burning when it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere.

Part of that remains landed on a farm in the state of Washington. A farmer discovered the rocket almost intact in a private field. It turned out that one Pressure vessel Approximately 1.5 meters, Used to store helium, which left 10 centimeters of land on the ground, said Kyle Foreman, spokeswoman for the Grand County Sheriff, who said no one was injured.

The farmer suspected that the fallen object may have been part of the rocket’s debris and alerted local authorities, who responded Monday and contacted SpaceX representatives. The company removed the pieces, making sure it was part of their spacecraft.

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