The municipality and health actors launched a co-working space

The municipality and health actors launched a co-working space

Within the framework of the activities organized on the occasion of the 198th anniversary of Tandil’s founding, last Saturday the municipality and an important group of health workers from the private sector signed an agreement to start the process of formulating and developing joint projects, to continue to promote systems integration. One of the first initiatives that will implement the unique digital health record.

The meeting was chaired by Mayor Miguel Longhi, Chief of Staff, Oscar Troje, and Chief of the Integrated Public Health System, Gaston Morando, and attended by the President of the Distinguished Consultative Council, Juan Pablo Frolic, community officials, advisors and representatives of the institutions that have joined.

This health network will be a space for dialogue, expression and cooperation between the public and private sectors, which will allow for analysis, discussion and agreement on visions, common goals and specific projects in the field of health.

At the end of last year, the mayor met with the integrated public health system authorities and representatives of health care providers in the private sphere, to assess the possibility of initiating a drafting process that would make it possible to develop joint projects between all health institutions. Saturday.

From now on, all parties will form a task force to analyze and identify the medium and long term needs of the Tandil Party’s health system and begin to define the first joint actions, among which is the implementation of the Unique Digital Medical Record program.

The record is signed by the municipality, through the Integrated Public Health System, the Tandil Medical Association, the Tandil Anesthesia Association, the Health Professionals Syndicate, the Tandil Medical Department, the Tandil Eye Clinic and the Diagnostic Doctor. De Martino, Institute for Diagnostic Imaging, Tandil Otorhinolaryngological Institute, Nueva Clínica Chacabuco and Sanatorio Tandil.

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