A quick guide to finding reliable banks in Finland

A quick guide to finding reliable banks in Finland


Nowadays, finding a financial service company isn’t a big deal with reviewing platforms like reviewsbird.fi where people leave their honest reviews and useful suggestions. Finland’s financial stability can be seen by reading the reviews of the worldwide famous and top Finland’s banks i.e.

  1. OP Corporate Bank PLC – headquartered in Helsinki, this bank offers its services in finance as well as investment and insurance.
  2. Nordea Mortgage Bank – This bank is headquartered in Helsinki. The main service of this bank is issuing covered bonds.
  3. Danske Bank PLC –  Personal Banking, Main Banking, Commercial and Institutional Banking, Financial Advisory, and Other Services are among the company’s industry sectors which it offers through the Helsinki branch.
  4. Evli Bank – This bank is headquartered in Helsinki. The financial sectors for which this bank is famous are asset management and corporate finance.
  5. Aktia savings bank – This savings bank is also headquartered in Helsinki. Their financial services include financial planning, savings account and insurance for which they are considered as a top bank.

Finance companies in Finland have a simple banking process, so as long as you have the necessary documentation, you may create an account with any bank. The regulations for applying for loans and credit cards are flexible and ready to provide migrants accessibility.

Tips for choosing the best bank

Picking a financial institution may not be the most important decision you’ll make in your life. However, choosing a bank that is the perfect fit for your requirements might make managing your accounts simpler – and save you bucks.

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  1. Take a look at interest rates

When picking a bank, you may determine that a high interest rate isn’t necessary. Perhaps you discover a place that does not pay large interest terms but that you prefer for other grounds.

  2. Look for organisations with affordable fees

It’s obvious that you want to save and organise money because of this you want to create a bank account. Let’s suppose that you have 4 accounts in one bank and each account is charged some fee. It sums up to be lots of money. So, it is recommended to look for organisations that offer little or no fees.

  3. Make certain your bank is reachable.

You want accessibility to your funds to be as simple as feasible. If you choose a physical bank, be certain there are offices and Machines close to your home or business. If you’re travelling within Finland, you’ll want a bank with a broad branch/ATM network so you can get your money while you’re away.

Factors affecting the loan process

There are some factors that will help you in processing your applications faster. Make sure that you take care of those factors.

Your income, the amount you want to borrow, your job position, salary, credit history, and the sponsor who will act as your guarantor are all elements that go into determining whether you may acquire a loan from a Finnish bank. The interest rate on loans varies depending on the bank, so it’s a good idea to browse around before deciding on one.

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