A reprehensible comment by Samadi Zendejas and Horacio Pancheri, who ignores no one.

A reprehensible comment by Samadi Zendejas and Horacio Pancheri, who ignores no one.

Samadhi Zendejas (Photo by Mediaos y Media/Getty Images) (Media and Media via Getty Images)

By Sandra Lucario-. Samati Zendejas had been celebrating the launch of the soap opera ‘Wolve Me’ for a few weeks, in which she shared the lead role with William Levy, when something dampened her spirits. A message on her Instagram account threw her off balance, which might have happened to someone who receives verbal abuse from acquaintances. Since Horacio Pancheri is no anonymous subject, the actors shared co-stars 7 years ago when they starred in the soap opera ‘A Path to Destiny’.

“Look how ugly you are,” received the message, and after we don’t know how long, the actress decided to go public. She says she woke up with him. A video of him reprimanding him was posted around noon. It may take him some time to decide what to do.

She chose to express it while recording herself in her makeup routine, something she did to feel beautiful, she said. She regretted that although she gave the “cat’s hand” to feel better, she knew that not everyone could have the same opinion. It was then that he told the actor about his humiliation.

First he raised the question: “How advantageous is it to share these kinds of things?” The actress was outraged that with such news, many women belittle their potential, forget the importance of being authentic, and worry about following beauty stereotypes. Finally she asked her followers: “Don’t let anyone or anything tell you what it means to be beautiful.”

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After Samadhi’s complaint, the actor shared a message using his ‘X’ account. Pancheri assured that he had not written and sent the message. He also insisted that his Instagram was hacked.

Hundreds of users of the social network, including actress and singer Danna Paula, who starred in the soap opera ‘Dare to Dream’, Samadhi Zendejas made her TV debut in 2009, were skeptical.

Noticing Pancheri’s response, Tanna Pavla ironically replied: “Ha! Old reliable… whatever your most unreliable “excuse” is, defending yourself instead of apologizing encourages more men like you to continue to believe it’s okay to call a woman “ugly.” Your reaction is disappointing…” he wrote.

Followers of the ‘Mala Fama’ artist, who followed his career and Samadi, responded to his post: “Los Populares leader Patito defends one of his team. “Not with Los Populares, not with them,” he wrote. Another added: “End it, duck.”

Samadhi Zendejas’ struggle against stereotypes

This is not the first time that Samathi Zendejas has responded to criticism or reacted to beauty stereotypes.

Her career led her to play Amaya in the 2009 adaptation of the Argentinian soap opera ‘Badito Fio’ and play Jenny Rivera in ‘Mariposa de Barrio’, which helped her confront her own prejudices in her childhood and adolescence. He had to tear up when he started working on television.

At times she pointed out: “Curvy women are not wanted on television, you always have to be a stick. Dark-skinned women are never accepted on television. So I tried to look like a stereotype or be accepted. That I’m not.” “.

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Samati Zendejas at the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2023

Samati Zendejas at the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2023 (Billboard via Getty Images)

Two years ago, you shared that it was very difficult for you to get a job, the reason? “We as Mexicans are used to recognizing beautiful non-Mexicans,” she said, and questioned how far she would go if she didn’t have blue eyes and wasn’t 1.70m tall. tall.

He explained that ‘Mariposa de Barrio’ changed everything. To play the protagonist who tells the story of Jenni Rivera, she had to gain more than 20 kg and after learning to be a decent person, she became a person who is able to respect herself, love herself and accept herself.

He started getting opportunities in the acting field as well, and he finally realized that it was not just about physical appearance.

Hearing comments like ‘I felt that scene because you had a hard time’ or ‘You put a lot of thought into it’ helped him realize that his performance was worth more than he thought it wasn’t.

In an interview with Vogue, she was asked if she has let go of unnecessary prejudices that inspire other women. She replied that on principle you should stop judging yourself; And then, “Stop believing that things are going to get done in some fashion or some other way when they really aren’t.”

She also showed that she doesn’t envy those who are different from her: “All the time I say to myself: ‘It’s better for people who are different from me to succeed,’ but that doesn’t mean I want to. Be like them.”

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That too has become important for the 28-year-old actress The support he got from his fans, especially when she feels that it’s not her day, ​​​​​​​when she wakes up sad or worse: “I believe that at this time, women will come to unite a lot and stop pulling each other to stand out. I think the most beautiful thing is to recognize the qualities that another woman has.

Samadhi may have received an unwarranted attack on her physique (which is really unwarranted if we consider that her physical, mental and professional work speaks for itself: her intense fitness routines are inspiring, the way she has reinvented herself. A role for others admirable and her long life admirable), but her people love her. The way she came out to defend says more about who she is than a petty aggression.

“You look so beautiful inside. “That makes you a fascinating woman,” her brother told her. That is the message that all women should have engraved in their memory and in our living room.

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