Hurricane winds and flooding in northern Europe: At least 3 dead in Britain due to Storm Babbitt

Hurricane winds and flooding in northern Europe: At least 3 dead in Britain due to Storm Babbitt
A man walks through a flooded neighborhood in Haderslev, Denmark (Claus Fisker/Ritzau Scanpix via AP)

Strong winds and floods hit several countries in northern Europe today, Friday, as new heavy rains were recorded, which will continue, according to expectations, until the end of the week. Three deaths in the United Kingdom were attributed to bad weather.

The winds are expected to hit the eastern part of the Danish Jutland Peninsula and the Danish islands in the Baltic Sea with greater force. But the northern British Isles, southern Sweden, Norway and northern Germany are also in the path of the eponymous storm Babette By the Met Office (UK National Meteorological Service).

Waves crash into South Shields Lighthouse after damage to the dome during Storm Babbitt in Seaham, Britain (Reuters/Lee Smith)

Eastern Scotland remains the worst affected by the storm. The Met Office issued a new ‘red’ warning on Friday. The highest in some areas of the region until Saturday.

A man in his 60s died on Friday after becoming trapped in flood currents in Shropshire, central England, police said.

In Scotland, a 57-year-old woman died on Thursday after being swept away by a river in the Angus region, where hundreds of homes were also evacuated. A 56-year-old man died in the same area Thursday when his truck hit a fallen tree.

The sea rises at the Batsmansvagen Dam in Skannor, Sweden (Johan Nilsson/Reuters)

Although forecasters say the worst of Scotland’s heavy rainfall has passed, they warn conditions will remain difficult as river levels continue to rise and flood protections are breached.

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The storm has already dumped more than a month’s rain in the worst-hit areas of Scotland and On Friday, it was hitting many areas of England.

Flooded beach meadows next to houses on Västergatan in Skannor, Sweden (Johan Nilsson/Reuters)

At Leeds Bradford Airport, a flight from the Greek island of Corfu skidded off the runway when landing in stormy conditions. No injuries were reported and subsequent flights were diverted to other airports.

We are working with the airline, relevant operations teams and emergency authorities to address this situation and remove passengers from the aircraft safely.An airport spokesman said.

Members of a Coast Guard rescue team walk through a flooded street in Brechin, Scotland (Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/dpa)

The turbulent weather phenomenon also affects other parts of northern Europe, especially Denmark.

Police in southern Denmark, the Danish region expected to be the most affected, said several stretches of roads in low-lying areas were flooded and some trees had fallen.

Emergency services help evacuate people from their homes in Brechin, amid flooding during Storm Babbitt, Scotland (Reuters/Russell Cheney)

Meteorologists in Denmark issued the highest level of warning for “extremely hazardous weather” and said levels in some inland waters were expected to rise to… 240 cm above normal.

In neighboring Sweden, meteorologists warned of the risk of major floods that could limit access to roads and railways along the southern coast of the Scandinavian country. The water level is expected to start falling again on Saturday morning, according to Swedish meteorologists.

Emergency services help evacuate people from their homes in Brechin, Scotland (Reuters/Russell Cheney)

The Swedish Transport Authority has suspended service on several train and bus lines in southern Sweden due to the weather, prompting Skanetrafiken, the operator of the local transit system, to recommend “avoiding travel by public transport.”

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In Germany, some streets and squares were flooded in the cities of Flensburg, Kiel and Wismar on the Baltic coast. Falling trees caused some damage, including to the railway track.

A view of the waves at Stonehaven, Scotland (Andrew Milligan/PA via AP)

On the German North Sea coast, strong winds had an adverse effect on the Baltic Coast flooding, pushing water out to sea and causing water levels to fall significantly. Boat services linking some North Sea islands have been cancelled.

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