A rose bath? Livia Britto and her beauty advice from the tub

A rose bath?  Livia Britto and her beauty advice from the tub

The an actress Livia Britto He left all of his followers in suspense after starring in one of his most recent postcards from the aquarium, namely Cuban He revealed to his followers one of his best beauty secrets, if you are wondering how he achieved it, he finally shares it.

If something is Livia Britto In addition to delighting him “alone with his great beauty,” he sought to give him the tools necessary to exploit their special magic, one of his secrets will be revealed from a basin full of rose petals.

But this is not the strategy we are talking about, have you ever wondered how ”TV star“Did she manage to have enviable hair like her silhouette?” On this occasion, the actress spoils her most loyal fan and tells you how to achieve it.

Many ask me about my hair tricks. My latest hair care finds and tricks are #superaconditioners from tresemmemexico. It works in just a minute and the results are great! And you, what advice can you share with me?

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From a bathtub and rose petals floating in the water, “Citizen of Havana, Cuba” seems to take a relaxing shower while preparing to dispense a dose of hair mask, and the well-known brand appears to be among my favorites Famous 34 years.

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The “Small screen character“, Who has become one of the most controversial personalities due to her indisputable beauty and from her path along with a series of scandals, has become one of the favorites on social networks.

Today, Livia Preto isEffect“Which she was able to excel in showing to her loyal followers a series of habits that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, something that she herself was responsible for embodying and demonstrating the results she undoubtedly showed.

However, it has gone further since known.Face novels“She not only showcases the best workouts but also shares some hair care products.

But without a doubt, his “Children of Light” is inspired by every postcard, as he is also accompanied on many occasions by some reflections on life.

In the middle of it all, “Form“She has given news that is undoubtedly insurmountable for her fans who will finally be able to see her daily on screens very soon, after revealing that she will be returning to the screens with a new TV project.

Brito is back on the small screen again with a new melodrama called,Without a soul“ Coming very soon, apparently, wouldn’t be the only surprise because the actress herself had promised her fans that she would soon reveal her other plans.

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It seems that 2021 has brought new spirits to Livia who also announced several weeks ago that she will also take over as a businesswoman. Celebrities are planning to launch a skincare line and although she indicated that she will be very busy with recordings of the new novel, she will get help from her partner who will help manage Brand while focusing its attention on its new TV project.

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