A senior Nike executive resigns after the resale sneaker scandal

A senior Nike executive resigns after the resale sneaker scandal

Last week, it was reported that Anne Hibbert’s 19-year-old son spent more than $ 100,000 from his mother’s credit card to buy and resell the limited-edition sneakers.

Nike Vice President and General Manager of Nike North America Ann Hebert announced her resignation on Monday after more than 25 years at that company, Nike announced at Release. At the moment it is not known who will occupy his position, but the company offered to announce it soon.

The resignation of the top executives came after the resale of sneakers scandal in which her 19-year-old son was implicated. As mentioned Bloomberg Business Week Last week, Joe Hebert used his mother’s credit card and spent more than $ 100,000 from there to purchase 600 pairs of limited-edition sneakers (Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Zyon), capitalizing on subsequent resale through the West Coast Streetwear online store.

A Nike spokeswoman said in detail CNBC Anne Hebert resigned of her own free will. For her part, the former CEO already disclosed the relevant information to the company regarding her son’s business in 2018, confirming that there was no conflict of interest or violation of company policies. Likewise, it confirmed at the time that West Coast Streetwear had not obtained privileged information and had no business relationship with Nike, including direct purchase and sale of the brand’s products.

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