Find out which “Cobra Kai” actors are a father and son in real life

Find out which “Cobra Kai” actors are a father and son in real life

On January 1, the third season of Cobra Cay at Netflix; For fans, there was no better way to start the year so they quickly devoured all ten episodes of this new release.

Everyone was waiting, because in the end it will be revealed what happened to Miguel, after the stunning fall that he suffered during a karate battle at his school.

This is the third season of Series Focuses on Miguel’s recovery and Robbie’s condition and the long-awaited return of Ali Mills, played by Elizabeth Shaw. But history also allows us to learn more about the stormy past John Chris.

It must be remembered that Chris, who was played by the actor Martin Cove, Is a character created for the first movie from karate Kid (1984), in which he is introduced as the founder of Cobra Kai Dojo and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) Sensei.

From the beginning of the story we know that he is a true villain, but his arrival is in series Cobra CayAt the end of Season 1, he surprised all of the fans, because they knew things were definitely going to get complicated.

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For this new phase of his character in the series, John Kreese is introduced as an ally of Johnny Lawrence, helping to make life impossible for Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio). But in the third season Martin Cove He was not alone in filming Cobra CayWell it was Accompanied by his son: Jesse Cove

Father and son together in Cobra Cay

In the third season of the series, through flashbacks, John Kreese’s stormy youth are explored, a past which he ended up transforming into the villain it is now. In the series, actor Barrett Carnahan plays the young Chris.

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Something fans didn’t notice was that during the scene in which young Chris appears as a waiter, he also appears Jesse Cove, when I’m Martin Cove realistThat is to say, from the villain of the series.

It was in “Nature vs. Nature” that actor Jesse Cove played the school leader and intimidated Chris for being “weak”.

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It was an honor to have Jesse Cove a part Cobra Cay heir karate Kid. “I felt this dream experience. How could it be in this universe? And this flashback was a perfect medium for that.” The 30-year-old actor said during an interview, “I hope I’ve made my dad proud.” Entertainment Weekly.

For his part, for Martin Cove, seeing his son act in the series was more than a satisfying experience, as it represented an opportunity to work together on a project. “Once I got in, the book was on set and everyone was watching this scene where Jesse … pulled me in and said, ‘Your son just breaks it! “I haven’t even had a chance to say good morning yet … I felt like a million dollars.”

Jesse Cove He followed in his father’s footsteps in acting and took part in TV series such as First day The Steve Intern, And in movies like Shallow (2021). He is also very active in social networks, as he does not hesitate to express his gratitude to be part of a world karate Kid To which you also belong to his father.

With information from Fandom, Vader News, and Spoiler.

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