A space committed to cultural diversity and entrepreneurs

A space committed to cultural diversity and entrepreneurs

In April 2021, Juan Cruz Orenz opened Slunga Parador, a space where gastronomy and art in all its forms coexist, with a privileged direct view of Lake Lacar. Since then, the venue has undergone major transformations, the imprint of providing a safe, outdoor space where all precautions are taken to ensure encounter and enjoyment has prevailed.

“Nobody said it was easy” says the song, and Juan Cruz knows it well. After nearly 2 years of talks and coming and going, he finally managed 9 months before the opening of the place he had been dreaming of: a Parador that currently houses 7 food trucks, a bar, a kiosk and a cafeteria, along with a place for entrepreneurs of different themes. “I love the concept of the ride. This is not a tasting courtyard, it is so much more. Here, cultural diversity, tourism, food offerings, and get-togethers converge,” he explains.

Pottery workshops were set up in Slunga and a space was allocated in cooperation with volunteer firefighters. “I would like to be able to organize environmental and forestry awareness workshops with people from Lanin National Park,” he adds. And it is that this place proposes an openness not only to art but also towards human and environmental interests, something that is also reflected in the solar electric system and in the eco-glasses that are rented to clients to reduce the amount of plastic that is carried ashore.

“When we opened, we had a bar and only two toilets for the disabled. Little by little, food carts were added, for which I prepared a special admission protocol, according to the bromatologist, explains Juan Cruz, who also has protocols for each of the other sectors of Parador. With great care that Security, this entrepreneur advocates the idea of ​​a private space, with healthy rules and regulations and competition.

“Today, in the current context, Slonjah’s message is to promote a place that is safe, outdoors, where all precautions are taken to encourage that it is possible to enjoy a show and share a good moment, and have a meeting. Good health also means connection to others, and balance,” he explains , referring to the name space, which in Irish means “good health”.

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These nine months of hard work and transformation have brought so much joy and gratitude to the space in which so many jobs have been created, at a time of complexity. It is a sea of ​​emotions in which results prevail after great effort and a few tears. There are many barriers to creating space for entrepreneurs during the pandemic. All this I’ve achieved is a tribute to my grandmother, Sarah, who was a mother to me and saw me go through a lot of this process.”

Located on the shore of Lake Lakar, Parador Slonjah is open Monday through Friday from 11:30 AM to 00:00 AM and on weekends until 1:00 AM. On his Instagram account @paradorslonjah you can follow the news, such as the musical performances that are being presented and the different spaces that are being added.

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