A tourist travels to Cuba with 100 euros and panics because of the prices

A tourist travels to Cuba with 100 euros and panics because of the prices

CubitaNOW write ~ Wednesday August 9, 2023

A young tourist traveled to Cuba with only 100 euros, and upon arrival discovered that this was not enough to cover the expenses of her stay on the island, taking into account the high prices.

“I didn’t know that everything was so expensive,” said the young woman, as she walked the streets of Havana. “I didn’t plan everything well, but hey, let’s see.”

according to Explaina family from the island welcome it And she received her at home, where she felt like an “adoptive daughter.”

Despite her unpreparedness, she got to know the realities of the Cubans up close and warned that she would share more videos of how they managed to survive.

“Cuba madness, one of the best decisions I have made,” the young woman wrote with her video, which sparked criticism and debate on the platform.

“But who would think of going on a trip with only 100”; “Cuba is very expensive for tourists. Which is crazy given the conditions. Some users said I found it more expensive than the Dominican Republic.

“People think that because it is a poor country, they will live like a billionaire with little money… Cuba is one of the most expensive countries”; “With 100 euros, I won’t even go to the next city”; “How can you think of going to another country with 100 euros?” Others asked, “For God’s sake.”

Cuba continues to amaze. In recent weeks, South African runway and influencer Kurt Kaz traveled to the island and at the end of his tour confirmed he would never return.

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During his stay in Cuban soil, Kazi would document part of the country’s reality and share his experiences.

“It was a nightmare and I can’t imagine what life is like for people here,” said the South African, who spent several days in the Cuban capital and in some provinces in the center of the country.

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