A tribute from the Cuban regime to Frank Pais that ends up becoming a meme

A tribute from the Cuban regime to Frank Pais that ends up becoming a meme

The authorities Once again Cuban women became the target of jokes in social networks, where they have no control over opinion. in this occasion, On the occasion of a tribute in Santiago de Cuba to Frank CountryFidel Castro, head of the Labor and Sabotage Movement of the 26th of July, died in that city on July 30, 1957. The city government organized an action that led to banter and criticism from the Cubans.

During the actions of what the regime calls Revolution Martyrs’ Day, Communist Party officials in Santiago met in Callejon del Morro, the place where Pais’ dead body was photographed.

in the event, A young man in honorable uniform, his face laid on the sidewalkas evidenced by the photos shared on social networks by the government of Santiago. And netizens did not forgive him.

“How could they come to the absurdity of absurdities and none of the survivors at the time was able to shout in indignation at such stupidity?”commented on Isabel Soto Mayedo’s private post forum.

Although profile admins periodically delete important comments, so far None of the new opinions commended the initiative.

Cubans on Twitter launched the #FrankPaísChallenge. Apart from the memes generated by the photo, many people took the opportunity to laugh at it Sharing their pictures on their faces in their homes, amid the long power cuts that have exacerbated people’s conditions for months.

however, Miguel Diaz-Canel commented on history with the usual seriousness of the systemFidel said: “Today is the holiest day of the year, because it is the day of remembrance of the fallen men!”
Eternal glory to Frank Pais, “the symbol of the entire generation that sacrificed itself”, and to the martyrs of the Revolution”, chirp.

Instead, Cuban political scientist Enrique Guzman Carrell conducted a lengthy performance analysis in that facebook wall: “When Joaquín Sabina pointed out how awful the age of eruptions was, he could never have imagined how awful, dark, and brain-damaged the eroded revolutions were.”; physically deceased but with assisted breathing.”

One is left stunned, confused, so bewildered, before proposals like ‘La Neurona Fidelista’; songs and choirs on vaccinations; rallies to reject posters against the regime; phrase that drops human rights!; Norwegian postcards ‘to Cuban mothers; The warehouse – yesterday! – “El Mundo Feliz”; How wonderful it is to live in Marianao; Liz Cuesta’s letters and provocations; Her husband’s famous sayings – Does anyone remember her desperate call to idle, “Fidel, speak up, I need you!”

“It is difficult to know whether we are experiencing delusional insanity (Section 5 autoimmune disease) as a result of compulsive, compulsive, ugly ideological grouping or some kind of common psychotic disorder, because These people not only run a system in crisis but also in last rites, and they know it“, pointed out.

#FrankPaísChallenge explodes in Cuba’s nets after the regime has deceived itself for the thousandth time. Read more at #DiariodeCuba: https://diariodecuba.com/cuba/1659268697_41285.html

Posted by Cuban magazine on me Sunday 31 July 2022

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