A young Colombian condemns photo impersonation on OnlyFans – People – Culture

A young Colombian condemns photo impersonation on OnlyFans – People – Culture

Through an Instagram video posted on March 13th A young Colombian denounced What is Impersonating your OnlyFans account.

It comes to b Isabel Garcisse, A 21-year-old actress and singer, told her over 14,000 followers that unscrupulous people took her photo to create a profile on Adult content platform.

Last night they created a page Only fans And Instagram follow all my followers.Isabelle wrote in the post.

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“The people who did this do not know the harm they caused me and how badly I was since I discovered this wrong profile. They use my photos and make money with them,” She was counted in despair and cried as she sought help by denouncing the false novel.

Isabelle, who is also devoted to voice dubbing, said she recently woke up to hundreds of messages that her friends, friends of her parents, bosses, and people at work are alerting to the situation. There were also people They were interrogating her In order to create a file OnlyFans Profile.

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They don’t know the harm they caused me and how badly my condition was since I discovered this wrong profile

Although she tried to solve the situation, it was unsuccessful since the Instagram account that was pretending to be banned.

“I just woke up and have about 300 messages. They are impersonating me. Everyone sends me that bill. However, I cannot see it because they have blocked me. It is not true that I am using this platform. ”The young lady said.

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After helping his followers and more than 200,000 people watched the 3-minute video, the fake Instagram account was blocked.

however, Young Colombian Still looking for help, as mentioned in over 600 comments left on registration, OnlyFans cannot help it directly. The people who impersonated your photo created a webpage, With that platform’s logo and with their pictures.

The portal, created in 2016, is based on a paid subscription service. Users register to access “exclusive” content shared by some celebrity or well-known personalities profiles.

Subscriptions are subject to memberships based on the number of photos or videos, or according to subscription times. Although pricing is set by the creators themselves, monthly payments are generally available from $ 5 or $ 10.

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