Against Barcelona. Huska – Competition Report – March 15, 2021

Against Barcelona.  Huska – Competition Report – March 15, 2021

Barcelona (Jordi Blanco) – Barcelona are already closely watching Atletico in La Liga. He sent Husca tough, beating him 4-1 to establish himself in second place, his fourth consecutive win in 17 consecutive games, and added 28 points from the last 30, during which Simeon’s men rarely came in. At 19, his comfortable front at the front of the desk has been reduced to four. The league is there.

The first night with LaPorte in the box as president-elect, in the absence of an official declaration, he could not leave the best feelings for this re-activated Parsia, which had gone from depression to joy, from nerves to pushing and from anarchy to unity. Barcelona had a team and now they have football too. The system did not stop turning and changing until Koman discovered that it would take games by storm as a personal project.

Messi inside and out. Between 1-0 and the final 4-1 standard football. Good from Parsia and much appreciated from Husca, a rival with more arguments than many who have passed Camp Nou, stands above him. But Koman’s team is another.

When the time was already over at the end of the first half, it was clear that even the penalty, no doubt, fell to Bara. Messi, soon after, put an amazing metaphor 1-0 out of the cap, and after giving Alba a blow to the crossbar, following a brilliant play by the mafia disrupted by Der Stegen, Griezmann scored a 2-0, which seemed to punish the victory.

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A third local goal was yet to come, de Jong hit the crossbar again on an acrobatic shot, but came Husca’s dismissal, in a play that would not be penalized after game time was over, as it was not clear that Rafa Mir, who eventually replaced him, jumped over the goalkeeper without touching him. The referee was wrong, defensive, but still could not describe him VAR …

be quiet

From one win to one adjusted victory, when the teams went to the locker room, it was clear from the atmosphere that this Parsia was not a weak team with its determination and was in a state of reacting with the blows received.

He did so without wasting time when he returned from the dressing room. His first goal for Persia took him eight minutes to regain his composure with Mingusa’s sensational title, and he wanted to continue to lead. In fact, he consistently did so against a competitor who wanted to express himself against logic. Rafa Mir paddled 3-2, missing a goal to sing for a while, and Pacheta’s team kept their spirits up even as they knew they were facing an impossible challenge.

Husca’s every attempt to dismiss Persia was met with debt, football, admission and, above all, debt. Defending as much as possible from one’s own goal is one of the maxims established in the orders of the Parsia Club, and doing it with the ball is another undeniable sentence. Barcia do it again and could not conduct a better test than facing a rival, he showed more than the classification showed, and even with the fourth goal Messi scored in the final extension he did not show much.

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Well-cultivated, brave and fast, Husqvarna completed the third voyage to Camp Nou with a corable thumping defeat. If he had scored eight goals in one night in the previous two, this time he would have fallen (half) with a much less detailed result, but in the end all his explanations were clear.

Barcia continue its ride in the league with a firm step. Under maximum pressure, he had a very tight win over Husqvarna (0-1) and five days after drawing at Camp Nou with Ebar (1-1), he found the championship impossible. In mid-March everything looks different. This Parsia is another.

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