Aaron Donald did not think about retiring after winning the Super Bowl LVI

Aaron Donald did not think about retiring after winning the Super Bowl LVI

The Los Angeles defensive lineman said he wants to live in the moment after winning the first championship of his career.

Defensive player Los Angeles Rams, Aaron DonaldHe did not answer questions about his future in the NFL after a previous statement came out Super Bowl That he would consider retiring if he won the championship.

DonaldHe finished 23-20 with two excuses Cincinnati BengalHe promised that he would only enjoy that moment.

“I enjoy the moment now,” he declared. Donald. “I’m going to enjoy this with my co-workers and my family. I’m going to enjoy that moment for a day or two.. That’s a blessing. “

Drafted in the first round of the 2014 draft, Donald He has been selected for eight Pro Bowls, he has eight positions on the All Pro first team, and as if that were not enough, he Defensive Player of the YearAnd it’s a triple Best Defensive Player of the Year In the league.

“The best players in important sports play great plays,” he said. Donald. “The opportunity to play this game, with the best teams, the best coaches, the best organization, is really a blessing. There are a lot of ups and downs so come and see this world champion in full circle. It feels wonderful. “

Donald was finally able to win a big trophy that missed him Vince Lombardy Presented to the Champion Team Super Bowl. However, the former NFL defense before the game, Rodney HarrisonNBC analyst, if he wins, Donald Can end his life.

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“He cares a lot about his heritage and he does not want to be known as a defender who has achieved many personal things, but has never succeeded. Super Bowl“, he said HarrisonFrom the playground Sophie Ground Before Super Bowl LVI As part of precam coverage for his network.

“But he told me this too,” he continued. Harrison“If he wins Super BowlHe has a strong chance of saying goodbye to the game and retiring. “

The future Donald He will be one of the stories to follow during the season, and if he decides to retire, he will join Tom Brady and Ben Rothlisberger as stars who will end their careers in the 2021 season.

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