Abenader and the President of Haiti meet to discuss bilateral issues

Abenader and the President of Haiti meet to discuss bilateral issues

President Louis Abenadir met yesterday with his Haitian counterpart, Juvenel Moise, to review the bilateral agenda on issues of security, health, trade, immigration, energy and the development of the political process in the sister country.

The president also announced that in the coming days he would announce the agreements reached.

“Today I held a meeting with the President of Haiti, @ moisejovenel, to review the bilateral agenda: security, health, trade, migration, energy and the development of the political process in Haiti. We will publish a statement of the agreements in the coming days,” Abinader wrote on his Twitter account @luisabinader.

The meeting was also broadcast by Moise via his account @ moisejovenel, where he wrote: “Today I met again with Dominican President Louis Abenadir to discuss the priorities of the bilateral agenda between Haiti and the Dominican Republic:

Security, health, trade, migration and energy, as well as the evolution of the Haitian political process. A joint statement will be published shortly, ”the Haitian president published with a picture of both leaders, as Abinader did.

Haiti remains the Dominican Republic’s second most important trading partner, surpassed only by the United States, but relations have been affected in recent years by obstacles imposed by the neighboring government on many products exported from here, the unresolved issue.

Tour of Ilias Peña

President Abenader also posted on his Twitter account: “At the moment we are conducting a supervisory tour of the southern border region of the country, visiting the Interagency Coordinated Border Management Center in Carrizal and the Detachment of Antonio Doverje in the Elias Peña District.”

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According to a memorandum from the Presidency of the Republic’s Communication Directorate, Abinader made his first visit to the border region, and went to various points on the dividing line with Haiti.

The President arrived at the area by helicopter at around 9:00 AM, in the community of Karizal, Punto Bandera, Province of Ilias Peña, where the headquarters of the Army General Antonio Doverje is located.

Abenader was accompanied by Defense Minister Lieutenant General Rafael Luciano Diaz Morva. The chief military aide, his assistant Mercedes Piccardo, and the president’s government secretary, Eileen Beltran.

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First visit to the border area


President Abenader made his first visit to the border region yesterday, since he took office on August 16 last year.


He was greeted by the Director of J-3 Plans and Training, General Guerrero Clase, and by the Director of the Specialist Border Security Corps, General Doran Infante and other leaders.

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