Abenader highlights the housing plan

Abenader highlights the housing plan

President Louis Abenader emphasized that providing the Dominicans with access to adequate housing was essential to his administration.

During the presentation of the second phase of the “Ciudad Altos de la Rivera” housing project, the President affirmed that they are determined to reinforce all necessary measures and steps “to allow this right to materialize for all Dominicans”. The project, implemented by the Dominican Confederation of Small and Medium Construction Enterprises (Copymecon), has an investment of R $ 2,362 million that will generate direct, indirect and beneficiary jobs, a positive impact on more than 33,000 people, Abinader said, nearly a hundred companies. “Making progress in the Dominican Republic towards the future is to ensure that our country’s families have real access to the most important component of all heritage: their home, their home,” he emphasized.

Eliseo Christopher, President of Copymecon, noted that this is a Copymecon Trust project that started in 2016, and is considering merging MSMEs to build homes.

In points
The program has a national scale and aims to leave more than 1,200 MSMEs, including youth and women, in the short and medium term, formal, competitive and have the ability to create their own construction projects in the public and private spheres.

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