Abenader: “In a year and a half we will assess the possibility of consecutive re-election”

Abenader: “In a year and a half we will assess the possibility of consecutive re-election”

President Luis Abenader expressed that he would evaluate the issue of re-appointment for a second consecutive term in a year and a half and confirmed that there was a possibility that he would aspire for a second term in a row.

In his interview on “El Sol de la Mañana”, the president said he would not play the role of “hypocrisy” and would not rule out the possibilities of that second presidential term.

“I will not come here, as it often happens, to play hypocrisy because I will not be re-elected, there is a possibility of consecutive re-election, and I will analyze it in a year and a half, gentlemen, I have to work, I have to stick to a schedule… We have to wait for the police increase With $500, we can’t continue with our health system, there’s no trauma network here, there’s no cancer clinic, only in Santo Domingo, we have a lot of outstanding issues to tackle, in a year and a half we’ll be evaluating that possibility,” Abenader said. During his speech on the radio program.

While in opposition, the current head of the executive branch has always shown and installed positions inconsistent with successive presidential re-elections, but since the current constitution allows this, the possibility has not been completely closed, and during the last April he requested it. The PRM leaders should not broach this issue for the next two years and focus on the governmental tasks assigned to them by Dominican society.

In the same month, there was a statement by the head of the Conservative Party, Franklin García Fermin, who said that the reform of the statute of the political entity was proposed to allow for a new presidential term, however, the next day only the Prime Minister said the Minister of Party and Administration in the Presidency of the Republic, Jose Ignacio Baleza, Abenader is not considering re-election.

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“The president is focused on governing, getting this country out of crisis and creating jobs. There is no other project or idea that will take us to that,” Baleza told reporters who covered the National Palace. “Abinader is annoying” when someone approaches you about it.

Currently, Article 101 of the ruling party statute states that “until the modern revolutionary party calls for a conference to discuss the issue of the president’s re-election, it will be banned.”

Work is underway to reform the ruling party’s statutes since the middle of this year, but they have not yet implemented the necessary agreement to obtain the approval of the militants.

Abenader was interviewed by the Radio Program Committee, prior to his speech at the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UN) on Wednesday afternoon.

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