The Canelo Alvarez coup could cost Caleb Plant a fortune

The Canelo Alvarez coup could cost Caleb Plant a fortune

This is what happened at the press conference that officially presented the fight for the undisputed world super middleweight championship between Canelo Alvarez And Caleb Factory He was Shame And don’t leave a good picture of boxing, we’ve already repeated it countless times from yesterday to today.

All this will benefit the company with the highest number of pay-per-view sales this coming November 6, due to the curiosity generated by seeing how this dispute that has been presented for more than a month in the ring will end as well.

It’s time, then, to stop the drama, not because what happened doesn’t necessarily have to stop for the sake of discipline, but because those who should take exemplary action are the organizations that surround the sport.

So let’s stop at A fortune that could cost a Celeb Plant one of the two exact blows Canelo dealt to him. This not only caused a cut under his right eye, but also made him fly with his brand-exclusive sunglasses. off white Its value exceeds 132,000 Mexican pesos.

Although the American’s glasses were seen flying through the air, damaging him due to friction before leaving, he did not yet know what his destination was. They may have survived Canelo’s wrath, and they may not. If they do, they can tell their classmates that they shouldn’t mess with the Mexican mother.

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