Abinadar announces the removal of the shadow number of the Samana Highway

Abinadar announces the removal of the shadow number of the Samana Highway

The government will have to pay $ 410 million to terminate the contract.

The President, Louis Abinader, Made the announcement while addressing a radio and television network this Thursday Deleting the shadow number By agreement Initial end of the Samana Highway concession (Northeast Highway). With this decision, the Dominican government will save one thousand five hundred million dollars.

“I am pleased to inform you that today the Dominican government has reached a conciliatory agreement to terminate the concession agreement for the Samana Highway,” Abinader said.

Abinader announces the removal of the shadow count on the Samana Highway.

The government will pay $ 410 million to finalize the concession agreement. This amount is the amount to be paid to the shadow customs over the next four years and 4 months, which does not account for what the customs will generate once they are transferred to the RD Vial State Trust.

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What is a shadow toll?

The minimum amount that the government has to pay to guarantee the investment of construction companies in the highway sector due to the shortage of vehicles is called the shadow toll. Of work.

What is the situation?

According to the agreement established in the agreement between the government and the Colombian capital companies, the country must honor that promise of 17 years in charge of the construction of the work to “stimulate the area”. The Dominican Republic was expected to pay RD $ 4,930.9 million for the “shadow toll” of 2021 alone, but the president promised $ 7,000 million for the project.

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“We have paid for the worst deal ever made by others, but we have managed, negotiated and resolved a solution that will allow us to free ourselves from a heavy and unequal burden, which will allow us to address other infrastructure priorities that are essential for economic growth.” Said.

Likewise, Abinader warned that there is no “weight, contract or expense that is not in the President’s magnifying glass.”

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