These are the companies that won’t pay the Christmas bonus

These are the companies that won’t pay the Christmas bonus

secretary Department of Labor and Human Resources (DTRH), Carlos Rivera Santiago, reported Thursday night that as of now 325 employers will not pay the Christmas bonus due to their agency’s acquittal.

These are the companies that won’t pay the Christmas bonus

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“However, in the coming days, the agency is expected to continue to receive requests for exemption due to delays in the processing of correspondence by the US Postal Service,” Rivera Santiago said in written statements.

Meanwhile, 27 companies have been granted permission for a partial exemption in the bond repayment, so that they do not exceed 15 percent of their net profits during October and September 2021.

As of November 30, the deadline for employers to submit an exemption request in person or by mail, the agency has received a total of 364 applications, 12 of which have been denied.

By 2020, DTRH had received a total of 705 requests for non-payment of bail, of which 602 had been approved in full; 62 companies received a 15% exemption, while 41 applications were rejected.

As a condition for obtaining the exemption, each business owner was required to submit a balance sheet, as well as a profit and loss statement that had been compiled, audited, audited, and originally signed and stamped by a certified public accountant. In addition, he had to explain the reasons for requesting the exemption.

Rivera Santiago noted that an employer who has not requested and obtained a DTRH exemption is obligated to pay the full bonus corresponding to their workers on or before December 15, 2021, as defined by Law No. 148 of June 30, 1969, as amended, known as the Bond Act private companies.

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Transparency note:

The newspaper “Metro” is in the process of reorganization, which is why it appeared in the list of acquitted companies.

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