Abinador reiterates that the Haitian Channel violated the agreement signed in 1929 | AlMomento.net

Abinador reiterates that the Haitian Channel violated the agreement signed in 1929 |  AlMomento.net

Havana, September 15 (Prenza Latina) The President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinador, reiterated today that the construction of a canal on the Tajabón River violates the Peace, Friendship and Arbitration Agreement of 1929 and supports the closing of the border with Haiti. .

The previous day, the head of state announced the decision to completely close the transport between the two countries by sea, land and air, based on the conflict created by the construction on the watercourse on Haitian soil, also known as massacre.

Addressing a press conference in the capital on the sidelines of the Group of 77 and China summit, the President said the river originates in his country and enters the neighboring territory less than two kilometers away.

To a question from Prensa Latina, Abidaner explained that there was an issue that worried them more than the course of the river, “the presence of separatist and anarchist agents that bring this anarchy to the interior of Haiti.” to influence the government,” said Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

So they are creating this situation with a unilateral decision, he said, any arrangement for our 1929 treaty border water infrastructure should be resolved and coordinated between the two parties.

RD is impermissible unilateral work

According to the president of the Dominican Republic, this is a unilateral work that his country cannot allow, and they have adopted the necessary measures to stop the canal, which he revealed has a very adequate design and is not. There is a possibility.

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The important thing about this issue is that we are working with international organizations and with the Haitian government, which anarchist groups, in particular, are trying to destabilize, Abidaner highlighted, which the Dominican Republic always wants. Maintain good relations with the state.

In early September, Santo Domingo announced that it had asked the Haitian authorities to immediately stop the resumption of construction of a canal carried out by private individuals with the aim of diverting the waters of the Dajabón or Masacre.

On Thursday, after the announcement of the border closure, the Haitian government assured that its country has every right to take water from the river and that the authorities will take the necessary measures to protect the interests of its people.



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