About 293,000 motorcycles have been registered in the national registration scheme

About 293,000 motorcycles have been registered in the national registration scheme

President Luis Abenader stated that about 293,000 motors have been registered with the National Institute of Traffic and Road Transport (Intrant) in the implementation of the National Motorcycle Registration Scheme.

The information was provided by the President during a meeting with various representatives of the federations of motoconchista, a meeting in which he promised plans and facilities for the benefit of the sector.

“There is no other labor activity to which more workers contribute than motoconchistas and the object is to organize them, Organize it to improve your quality of life and organize them so that together with the government they can better serve and contribute to society, as they are already doing,” the president said.

He announced at the meeting that the government is considering fuel vouchers for them, in addition to including them in “first home” programs and medical insurance by the National Health Insurance (Sinasa); The main reason for the meeting was the information that at least 5,000 motorcycle taxi drivers They will choose their model of electric motors The tenth, eleventh and twelfth, which were previously approved and will be funded with funds from Solidarity Bank.

According to the president, this is part of a “gradual” transition from combustion engines to electric ones, which, in his opinion, will help save resources for drivers while cooperating with the environment.

In the activity of the immigrant Introduce a digital platform So that the services they provide can be monitored using electric actuators.

“It is a shift that has to be worked on as we work so that the engine, from conventional, from gasoline to electric, I think it will bring positive changes in the sector,” said Oscar Manzar, President of Fenamoto. About the real benefits that motorcycle taxi drivers will get from this transformation.

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