Four new cases of Omicron were discovered in Cuba ‘Cuba’ Granma

Four new cases of Omicron were discovered in Cuba ‘Cuba’ Granma

As a result of the epidemiological surveillance measures applied in our country, on December 15, the Omicron variant was identified in sequencing studies of four imported cases. These are four travelers from the African continent.

Two of them, two Cuban collaborators belonging to the Cuba Hydraulic Company, returned from South Africa and have been in isolation (quarantine) since their arrival, and they were confirmed to have COVID-19 on the 11th and 13th of this month. The other two cases are foreign travelers from Kenya, one of Ethiopian and the other a Somali, who arrived in the country on December 13 and were checked at the border with RT-PCR in accordance with the protocol in force in the country, and they tested positive. On the 14th of December, she has been isolated ever since.

In the framework of work to control the concentration of foreign travelers in the municipality of Centro Habana, in the country’s capital, four direct contacts have been identified, all of which are verified and negative. And the negative results came for the rest of the passengers on the flight on which the confirmed cases arrived. Cases diagnosed with the Omicron variant are otherwise healthy and still asymptomatic. Epidemiological surveillance of contacts and society is maintained and international health control measures strengthened.

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