About to cry, “I’m so happy” | Alison Luz admits he won’t lose his sight Video

About to cry, “I’m so happy” | Alison Luz admits he won’t lose his sight  Video

A few months ago, he crossed the entertainment world after the beautiful and talented actress, Alison Luz He emphasized that he was very likely to lose his sight at the age of thirty due to a strange disease in his eyes.

But just a few hours ago, the heroine of TV series such as “To the Devil with the Handsome”, “RBD” and “In the Name of Love” indicated that she had traveled to the United States to receive another diagnosis and results. She was very encouraging.

what happened?

In a video posted on social media, the actress stated that she suffers from three diseases: However, all of them have a treatment, so it is very likely that you will not lose your sight.

The young woman said that she had visited five specialists who confirmed that she had three diseases, and that she was fortunately treated and will have to undergo surgery.

On the verge of tears, Alison Laws assured that she did not go blind at the age of 30 as specialists originally thought; Furthermore, he expressed his happiness at keeping his eyesight.

The famous actress admitted that receiving the diagnosis made her cry a lot, and now that she knew the reality she was very happy and grateful.

The last time the famous woman appeared on the small screen was in her prominent role in the TV series “In The Name of Love”. Since that date he has disappeared from the entertainment world.


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