In the family | Find out how to improve your workspace

In the family |  Find out how to improve your workspace

Achieving a suitable study or work environment at home requires organization and planning. With the right furniture and advice, you’ll be more productive and turn this space into the perfect environment for your activities. Make a note and start making changes!

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Wall in neutral tone: It is important for the walls of this environment to display soft, neutral tones (for example: cream, white, soft blue, and pale green), leaving intense colors aside, which do not favor focus.

  1. Good lighting: Locate the study or work environment in a place with large windows. Meanwhile, at night, it is ideal to have a desk lamp that has enough power to illuminate the work area.
  2. comfortable chairIt is important to choose a chair with armrests, an adjustable seat, wheels to move around, and above all, you prefer a correct posture, as it is a place where you will spend a lot of time sitting.
  3. Functional office: Place it by the window to make better use of the natural light. Regarding the measurements, the size of the desk should be at least 70 cm. Tall x 75 cm. The height is 65 cm. Free height of the legs.
  4. External conditionsThe average temperature of the work or study place should be between 23 ° C and 25 ° C, to ensure that the person feels comfortable in the place.
  5. An office for minorsA children’s desk should have a wide table so that they have all the materials they need on hand. In the case of adolescents, it is recommended to choose the structural as it allows to house more things.
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