AC Cobra 378 Superblower MkIV 2021 UK Review

AC Cobra 378 Superblower MkIV 2021 UK Review

It is the most powerful version ever The fearsome and famous AC CobraThe Anglo-American Icon Who Gets Into Production and Exits It For 60 Years. Packed with a 580-hp supercharged V8, this powerful segment of the 1960s sports car is the latest arrival from Renewable AC brand Which celebrates its 120th anniversary this year.

After the naturally-drawn 378 Cobra that debuted three years ago, this Superblower is the new flagship of a range that also includes Recently unveiled, fully electric version. Like these versions, the Superblower’s body and bodywork was manufactured at the company’s plant in South Africa, before being shipped to the UK, where the drivetrain is installed, the finishing touches are added and the vehicle is submitted for individual type approval.

While it looks very much like In the 1960s, there were some significant changes to this latest iteration. For example, like all Cobra models, the slim Superblower body is actually made of fiberglass rather than aluminum. The Puritans may be enthusiastic about the approach (it adds about 20 kilograms to empty weight but saves tens of thousands of list prices), but the composite hull finish is impeccable, with a glossy finish and the kind of narrow panel gaps that would shame some serial production cars.

Another change that will likely impress enthusiasts is the lack of a Ford engine under the hood. Instead, the AC chose the tried-and-tested LSA V8 from the Chevrolet Corvette, The car that Blue oval She was out to win when she teamed up with AC to create the Cobra all those decades ago. Packed with 580 horsepower and 555 lb-ft of torque, it drives the rear wheels through a Tremec six-speed manual gearbox and a limited-slip differential.

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As with the chassis, the engine is nicely fitted. It fits tightly, but the manufacturing shown under the hood is top notch, while the plumbing and wiring are neatly arranged. Its main highlight, however, is a pair of handcrafted and polished vents for the side exhaust outlets, which have a bit of a sculptural quality to them.

More common is the ladder frame chassis, in large part because it closely resembles the design used on the first MkIV models launched in the 1980s. Formed from 4 inch steel tubes, they are fairly basic in design but are well finished and get an extensive powder coating treatment to ward off any potential rot.

The suspension is an update to the MkIV, too, with independent multi-link front and rear axles that feature spring units, Bilstein dampers, and anti-roll bars front and rear. The AC says the geometry, spring rates and damper can be tuned to taste, but our car is prepared for rapid use on the road. Finally, behind the impressive 15-inch, time-corrected drive alloys are racing-spec tweezers that stabilize the all-round ventilated discs.

AC has also worked hard on the fit and finish of the Superblower interior, and it shows. It’s fairly basic on the inside (although air conditioning is standard), yet it has a special look and feel due to its hand-stitched leather seats, a gorgeous three-spoke aluminum wheel, and a large range of Smith’s harnesses, which are apt chrome trim and feature white faces On black. Just talk Volkswagen The stems spoil the retro look, but they’re well compact and easier to use than their spinning predecessors.

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