According to Marca, Real Madrid already have a date to close the Mbappé deal

According to Marca, Real Madrid already have a date to close the Mbappé deal

Madrid Spain.

News about the future Kylian Mbabane PSG’s exit from the UEFA Champions League has intensified and failed in recent days. Includes comeback (3-1)Against Real Madrid, it was a situation where the Merengue club wanted the star away from the French capital.

Despite the defeat against Real Madrid, the French footballer once again proved that he is the most decisive player this time around. For this reason, his decision has put all the greats of Europe in suspense, most likely he will end up in Bernabeu.

Thus the newspaper reported Brand On its cover on Saturday, March 12, Mbappé confirms that his contract with Real Madrid “expires next week”. “If all goes as planned by both parties, the signing of the official agreement to link the French footballer to the white team will be sealed by the middle of next week,” the report added.

As always according to this release, the agents of the white club and the players will give a definite “OK” to the contract, which will be finalized with a signing bonus of 60 and 80 million euros. “In recent days, negotiations between the parties have intensified and indicate that everything will end before Friday,” he added.

How Much Money Does MBAPPÉ Make?

As Mbappé is still embroiled in a battle for the Ligue 1 title with PSG, Kilian’s signing will be official until the end of this season, Marca said.

In addition, Marca promises that the salary of the French attacker will rise to 25 million euros a season.

The only guarantee of this PSG in a matter of hours is the status of Mbappé, one of the few players who escaped criticism in the French press after the defeat. Like the first leg, he scored again in Madrid, becoming PSG’s second highest scorer with 157 goals.

But next summer ‘Kaiki’ will change his shirt. The world champion striker, who includes a future at the age of 23, will be free to join the squad he wants in June, following the end of his contract with PSG, who have turned down 200 200 million from Real Madrid in ‘Mercado’ from January. .

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