According to provisional results, Daniel Ortega will win

According to provisional results, Daniel Ortega will win

(CNN Español) – Supreme Election Council (CSE). Nicaragua On Sunday, November 7, 2021 he announced the tentative results of the questionable presidential election in the country this morning.

Solis: Nicaragua will be isolated after the election 0:59

According to the official organization, the United Nicaragua Triumph Coalition, led by the Santinista National Front, is leading with more than 70% of the vote.

The CSE has not yet reported the number of votes counted, but it did provide information on the number of meetings counted.

  • Total Meetings Observed: 49.25%
  • Santinista Leading Alliance: 74.99%
  • Constitutionalist Liberal Party: 14.40%
  • Christian way: 3.44%

The second report on the election results will begin at 1 pm local time on Monday, the Supreme Election Commission said.

On the other hand, Urnas Abiertas, the country’s civil election watchdog, pointed out that the turnout in Sunday’s elections in Nicaragua was 79% to 84%. The open ballot was conducted by 1,450 independent observers and represents the national average of 81.5% of the non-voting population.

What was elected in Nicaragua and why are elections being criticized?

In these elections, 90 representatives before the National Assembly and 20 before the Central American Parliament were elected President and Vice President.

President Daniel Ortega He is running for his third re-election, and for the fourth time in a row, and his formula has faced five more.

The government of Daniel Ortega has been criticized for arresting opposition leaders.

The The process is questionable Because the United States, the European Union, the United Nations, and the United Nations consider unconditional elections to be fair, democratic, and well-regarded.

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In addition, it marked the abolition of the three political parties that serve as the vehicle for the opposition National Alliance and the Citizens’ Coalition, as well as the arrest of 39 opposition leaders between May 28 and October 21, seven of whom served as president, committing treason or money laundering offenses by their relatives and lawyers .


United States

In a statement, US President Joe Biden called Nicaragua election A “pantomime” and said they were not a democracy.

“What Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo have organized today is a key feature of free, fair or non – democratic elections. Arbitrarily imprisoning and blocking nearly 40 opposition figures, including seven presidential candidates, since May. , “Biden said.

Similarly, US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen has condemned the “anti-democratic elections” in Nicaragua.

The United States continues to use diplomacy, coordination with regional allies and allies, sanctions and visa restrictions to promote accountability to allies who support the anti-democratic actions of the Ordega-Murillo government, it said in a statement on Monday. “.

United Kingdom

The UK government has criticized Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, for the early results of Sunday’s election.

“The presidential election in Nicaragua on November 7 was a nominal election. Said in a statement.


The Chilean government did not recognize Sunday’s elections in Nicaragua and pointed out that they do not have the necessary conditions to be valid and transparent.

“Yesterday there was an election campaign in Nicaragua that did not have all the conditions that should be considered valid and transparent. Lack of audience and media siege.

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“The Chilean government rejects and does not recognize the legitimacy of the elections in Nicaragua, which aims to perpetuate Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo in power by strengthening the dictatorial regime.” As indicated in a statement.


Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarez told reporters that the November 7 presidential election in Nicaragua was “a farce”.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica President Carlos Alvarado said on Sunday that his government had not reconsidered the elections in Nicaragua “because of a lack of democratic conditions and guarantees.” As he wrote on Twitter.

“We call on the government to release and restore the rights of political prisoners, and the international community to promote dialogue to restore democracy in Nicaragua.”


Contrary to these positions, the question was raised Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, Congratulated his counterpart Daniel Ortega for the elections held in his country. He described them as “Peace Day” before imperialism.


The Government of Bolivia Nicaragua congratulates its people on elections for “participation and the democratic profession.”

“The Foreign Ministry (Bolivia) salutes Brother Nicaraguan for his participation and democratic work in this Sunday, November 7, 2021 election process. We are committed to the majority participation and respect for the people’s vote.

What did Ortega say?

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega defended his country’s election on Sunday, reaffirming that it was a “vote for peace” and a rejection of those who seek to “sow terrorism.”

Ortega held a press conference in the capital Managua with his wife and vice president Rosario Murillo, who is running for re-election.

“As Nicaraguans we have the right to initiate investigations against terrorists and to maintain peace. Some people who do not want these elections to take place today are conspiring,” he said.

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