General election results in Ecuador

General election results in Ecuador

5 hours ago

Preliminary results revealed by CNE (local time 4:40 am)

Presented by CNN Spanish

(Photo by Christina Vega Roher / AFP via Getty Images)

According to the National Electoral Council (CNE) data, the results of the Ecuadorian presidential election will be available until 4:40 am on Monday:

  • With the total 38.968 Minutes explored (97.46%)
  • Leading candidates:
    • Andres Aras: 32.21%
    • Yaku Perez: 19.78%
    • Guillermo Lasso: 19.61%
    • Xavier Hervas: 16.02%

7 hours ago

Preliminary results revealed by CNE (local time 2:37 am)

Presented by CNN Spanish

(Photo by Christina Vega Roher / AFP via Getty Images)

The results of the Ecuadorian presidential election are as of 2:37 am this Monday, according to data from the National Electoral Council (CNE):

  • With the total 38.711 Minutes explored (96.81%)
  • Leading candidates:
    • Andres Aras: 32.23%
    • Yaku Perez: 19.71%
    • Guillermo Lasso: 19.65%
    • Xavier Hervas: 16.01%

8 hours ago

Preliminary results suggest there could be a second round

Written by Ana Maria Cassizares

Presidential candidate Andres Aras is leading the Ecuadorian election. Yahoo Perez and Guillermo Lasso are vying for second place. The difference between the two candidates is very small. Preliminary results suggest there may be a second round, but many more posts are yet to be implemented. The criteria established by the Ecuadorian Electoral Code for the second round must also be met, which will occur if none of the candidates receives 40% of the valid votes and a difference of more than 10 percentage points over the next two.

8 hours ago

Preliminary results revealed by CNE (local time 1:37 am)

Presented by CNN Spanish

(Photo by Christina Vega Roher / AFP via Getty Images)

Ecuador’s Presidential Election Results As of 1:37 AM ET this Monday, according to National Election Council (CNE) data:

With the total 37.600 Minutes explored (94.4%)

Leading candidates:

    • Andres Aras: 32.30%
    • Yaku Perez: 19.69%
    • Guillermo Lasso: 19.63%
    • Xavier Hervas: 15.95%

10 hours ago

Preliminary results revealed by CNE (11:50 pm local time)

Credit: Christina Vega Roher / AFP via Getty Images

Ecuadorian presidential election results until 11:50 PM ET, according to National Electoral Council (CNE) data:

A total of 28,647 entries were examined (71.64%)

Leading candidates:

  • Andres Aras: 32.13%
  • Yoke Perez: 20.03%
  • Guillermo Lasso: 19.29%
  • Xavier Hervas: 16.09%

10 hours ago

Although there is no official decision from CNE, Yaku Perez says he will go to the second round

Yaku Perez, the presidential candidate for the multinational Green Movement, promises that their entry into the second round is “undeniable”. CNN cannot verify this information provided by the Ecuadorian National Electoral Council. Perez says they tried to “hack” his site and he will file a complaint. CNN could not verify that information independently. Yaku Perez said he would work with all sectors that identify themselves against corruption and national reconciliation. According to initial data from the CNE rapid numbers, Andres Aras Rapidly tops the list, followed by Yaku Perez and Guillermo Lasso.

Yaku Perez talks about the first results of the election 3:38

10 hours ago

Preliminary results were released by CNE (10:50 pm local time)

Credit: Christina Vega Roher / AFP via Getty Images

Ecuadorian presidential election results up to 10:50 PM ET, according to data National Election Council (CNE):

A total of 17,471 minutes explored (43.69%)

Leading candidates:

  • Andres Aras: 31.01%
  • Yoke Perez: 20.90%
  • Guillermo Lasso: 19.15%
  • Xavier Hervas: 16.58%

12 hours ago

97% of voters had no symptoms related to Govt-19

Credit: Camila Puntia / AFP via Getty Images

A preliminary draw released by the National Electoral Council (CNE) found that 76% of those authorized to vote in this Sunday’s election in Ecuador had already done so.

“97% of the people who went to the polls did not show any signs of Govt-19,” CNE reported.

14 hours ago

Presidential candidate Andres Aras promoted by Raphael Korea

Andres Aras is one of the candidates with his racer Carlos Rabasque. They are provided by the Union for Hope movement, promoted by former President Raphael Korea.

Political career of Andres Aras 2:21

14 hours ago

Guillermo Lasso, the candidate running for president for the third time

At age 65, he leads opportunities to form a right-wing political movement (CREO). In 2017, Lasso lost the election to current President Lennon Moreno and was a strong opponent of former President Rafael Correa.

Who is Ecuador’s presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso? 1:44

15 hours ago

More than 60% of voters cast ballots this Sunday

Credit: Jose Sanchez Lindavo / AFP via Getty Images

Diana Atmind, chairwoman of the National Electoral Council (CNE), said in a statement that more than 60% of Ecuador’s eligible voters had already gone to the polls this afternoon.

“So far, 62.34% of voters have gone to the Ballot Boards (JRV) to fulfill their voting duty. The turnout in these elections exceeds the expectations of the electoral process,” the CNE document explained.

15 hours ago

President Lennon Moreno says government will “respect the will of the people”

Credito: Franklin Jacom / Getty Images

Ecuador’s President Lennon Moreno said on Sunday that his government would “respect the will of the people” over the election results.

Moreno made the statements after voting at the Socrates Corazones School in Quito.

This is what he said:

“A warmest greeting to the citizens who exercise their right to vote, which guarantees the fairness of the democratic process. We will always be on the lookout for all security agencies responsible for the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Defense. A warm greeting to the people and thank you for your democratic election of representatives.

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16 hours ago

Presidential candidates voted

Presidential candidates want Yaku Perez Of the multinational green movement and Guillermo Lasso CREO exercised the movement’s right to vote. Presidential candidate for Union for Hope, Andres Aras, Could not vote, but went with his relatives.

Ecuador’s presidential candidates vote 4:32

16 hours ago

Left or right? This is the trend of 16 candidates

Different types of potential leaders demonstrate different trends that can arise. Left or right? Here we tell you the details.

What is the trend of 16 candidates from Ecuador? 2:23

17 hours ago

Nearly 180,000 Ecuadorians are eligible to vote in Spain

More than 179,000 Ecuadorians in Spain are eligible to run in their home country’s presidential election this Sunday. To facilitate their civil rights, embassy officials set up 19 polling stations across the Iberian country.

In Spain, the Ecuadorian people exercise their right to vote 2:58

17 hours ago

This is what the Ecuadorian people living in New York think about elections

The so-called Ecuadorian people of the New York triangular area represent the largest immigrant population of that country living abroad. Its presence is significant in areas such as Queens County, where many live, work, own businesses and share the community. Yilber Vega was in the region, talking to some of them about their experiences as immigrants and their expectations for the general election in Ecuador.

The Ecuadorian people in New York are talking about elections 3:13

17 hours ago

Political preferences for electing a president in Ecuador

We analyze the expectations and consequences of these elections with Professor Nicholas Albertoni of the Catholic University of Uruguay.

Ecuador chooses its next president from 16 options 4:08

18 hours ago

Thus began Election Day

Election day began with stringent life-saving measures due to the epidemic. Our correspondent Ana Maria Cassizares reported from Quito.

Election day begins with the election of the President 2:16

18 hours ago

ABC of the 2021 General Elections in Ecuador

Credit: Christina Vega Roher / AFP via Getty Images

This is the first election in 2021 in Latin America and the Caribbean in times of epidemic and economic downturn. In this election, Ecuador faces the dilemma of returning to the views of former President Rafael Correa or maintaining the current guidance of President Lennon Moreno to resolve the crisis through multi-million dollar agreements with international organizations.

This What you need to know about these elections.

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