Accounts for qualifying in the Copa Libertadores

Accounts for qualifying in the Copa Libertadores

After defeating Boca Juniors, Matekana now moves on to the round of 16. What’s missing?

Deportivo Pereira will be aiming for the feat in their first appearance at the 2023 Copa Libertadores after this Wednesday’s historic 1-0 win over Boca Juniors to put them in contention to qualify for the round of 16 of the CONMEBOL competition.

Matecaña from Colombia had a bombshell match of the week, defeating the prestigious xeneize to level with 7 points in the Group F standings and displacing Chile’s Colo Colo into third place.

Thus, Perera is upbeat despite the fact that his last two games will be spectators. What accounts do you make to qualify for the Libertadores?

The 5th will be crucial for Perera as they could qualify for the Round of 16 earlier. On Tuesday, June 6, Monagas will travel to Venezuela at 5:00 p.m. Colombia time; The first thing is to win to reach 10 points, that way they will be classified without depending on anything else.

On the same day, at 7:00pm (8:00pm in Chile and 9:00pm in Argentina), Boca Juniors will face Colo Colo at the La Bombonera stadium. If xeneize wins their match, they will also reach 10 points and qualify for the Round of 16 along with Pereira, who are left to decide the top spot in the group on the final day.

If there is a draw in Argentina, Matekana will be in the last 16 in the same round, although Boca and Colo Colo will be selected elsewhere.

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At the deadline (June 29), Pereira hopes Chile will arrive in the classifieds to face Colo Colo and he will be a judge to define the rest of the classification, but he needs to win in Santiago if he wants to finish in the lead.

Boca will be local again, this time against Monaco.

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